Government affairs service matters in Binhai City can be handled in Beijing

稿源:津滨网   编辑:王宁   2021-09-15 07:44

For enterprises and business people who frequently travel between Beijing and Tianjin, there is another piece of good news. On September 13, as the Tianjin government service self-service kiosks and the "cross-provincial administration" window were opened at the Beijing City Sub-center Government Affairs Service Center, government service matters in Tianjin Binhai New Area (TBNA) were handled in different places in Beijing, and some matters were handled by self-service 24 hours a day. The "cross-provincial cooperation" between Beijing and Tianjin has entered a new stage.

142 government affairs terminals for self-service

On September 13, the Government Affairs Service Center of Beijing City Sub-center was officially opened for service. The service center has a Tianjin government service self-service machine, which can handle 142 items of convenience related to TBNA, such as social security, real estate registration, and temporary identity certification. The 68 items of 10 departments including the National Resources Bureau and the Municipal Bureau of Human Resources and Social Security, as well as the 74 services of the 5 columns of the "Tianjin in Hand" service section, enable TBNA affairs to be handled by themselves in Beijing 24 hours a day.

"Trans-provincial administration" for 29 government affairs in TBNA

At the same time, at the "Cross-provincial Office" window on the second floor of the Beijing City Sub-city Government Service Center, one can handle 29 government service items in TBNA, including 13 commercial registration items and 16 business license items involving domestic enterprises and branches, establishment registration, business license issuance, renewal, etc. Enterprises and clerks in TBNA can submit applications through the "trans-provincial office" window in Beijing. After the window is received, the application materials will be reviewed and identity verification will be sent to the original department by mail, and the original department will send the paper result or the results will be delivered online.

In recent years, the industrial linkages and project cooperation between Beijing and Tianjin have become more frequent, and the demands for resource sharing and personnel exchanges have become more diversified. The demand for "trans-provincial cooperation" among the business people has become more urgent. Since February 1 this year, 56 government services have been implemented across the Beijing-Tianjin Free Trade Zone; on May 7, the first "Beijing-Tianjin General Office" self-service hall was put into use in TBNA, which can handle 179 government service matters in Beijing-Tianjin Free Trade Zones, and the business continues to expand. The gradual and in-depth advancement of the "cross-provincial cooperation" between Beijing and Tianjin has provided convenient channels for enterprises and the masses to work across provinces and regions, and also provided strong support and solid guarantee for the coordinated development of Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei.