Keda Guochuang Welink56 Commercial Factoring Landed in Dongjiang FTP

稿源:津滨网   编辑:王宁   2021-09-15 07:37

A few days ago, with the strong support of Tianjin’s local financial regulatory authorities and market regulatory authorities, a commercial factoring company funded by the listed company Keda Guochuang Software Co., Ltd.-Tianjin Keda Guochuang Welink56 Commercial Factoring Co., Ltd. was established in Dongjiang Free Trade Port (FTP) registered and established with an initial registered capital of RMB 50 million.

It is claimed that Guochuang factoring will rely on core advantages of data intelligence technology of the parent company, Keda Guochuang, as well as the unique "Internet + logistics" technology and smart logistics cloud platform of Welink56 Transportation, to build the logistics industry and take the company’s Guochuang as the core to build specific scenarios of the supply chain related to factoring. At the same time, Guochuang factoring will give full play to advantages of "finance + technology", promote technological and intelligent upgrading of traditional financial services, and form a unique factoring business with the core of national innovation and logistics cloud platform of Keda Guochuang, which features "factoring + technology" and "factoring + inclusiveness" with unique characteristics. Tianjin Keda Guochuang Welink56 Commercial Factoring Co., Ltd. will be created into a characteristic commercial factoring company in Tianjin and even the whole country.