TEDA introduced "New Eight Measures" to empower technology enterprises

稿源:津滨网   编辑:王宁   2020-08-31 11:04


It is learned from the Tianjin Economic-technological Development Area (abbreviated as TEDA) that TEDA has recently issued the "Eight Measures to Accelerate the Induction of New Kinetic Energy to Promote High-Quality Development of Technology Enterprises" (hereinafter referred to as the "New Eight Measures"), and implemented the "Tianjin Leading Plan for Innovative Enterprises", etc. The spirit of the document will continue to introduce new momentum to achieve the multiplication of high-tech enterprises and the gradual cultivation of innovative enterprises.

The "New Eight Measures" insist on equal emphasis on introduction and cultivation, with precise focus. In order to increase the introduction of high-tech enterprises and stimulate the vitality of enterprise innovation and creativity, the "New Eight Measures" have iteratively optimized the ten scientific and technological policy systems for TEDA innovation, increased the incentives for high-tech enterprises, and recognized high-tech enterprises and other provinces for the first time. Tianjin will give a reward of 300,000 to 500,000 yuan for the overall relocation of high-tech enterprises, a reward of 100,000 to 200,000 yuan for re-identification of high-tech enterprises, and a reward of 50,000 yuan for the enterprises included in the Tianjin High-tech Enterprise Cultivation Bank; Provincial and municipal outstanding technological enterprises and outstanding entrepreneurs, if they expand the scale of high-quality innovation entities in TEDA, and for the subsidiaries established by high-tech enterprises in other provinces and cities to be recognized as high-tech enterprises, except for the first certification of high-tech enterprises, another 200,000 yuan will be given in addition to the reward. The "New Eight Measures" focus on the gradual cultivation of technology companies and accumulate new momentum for high-quality development. The "New Eight Measures" have added incentive policies for small and medium-sized high-tech enterprises, Tianjin Young Eagle Enterprises, and Tianjin Gazelle Enterprises. Enterprises can apply for corresponding awards every year for the above qualification certification.

The "New Eight Measures" insist on improving the efficiency of professional institutions and stimulating the vitality of the technology service market. The "New Eight Measures" will give performance rewards to the incubators of innovation and entrepreneurship and high-tech enterprise intermediary service agencies at the municipal level or above. If the enterprises that enter the incubator of innovation and entrepreneurship enterprises are recognized as high-tech enterprises for the first time, they will be awarded 20,000 yuan for each incubator. According to the number of technology-based small and medium-sized enterprises or Tianjin young eagle enterprises that settled in the mass innovation and entrepreneurship carrier incubator, the carrier can receive a maximum of 150,000 yuan per year; according to the application of the high-tech enterprise intermediary service agency to serve enterprises in TEDA in the previous year, the number of high-tech enterprises and service performance, high-tech enterprise intermediary service agencies can receive up to 500,000 yuan per year.