THT creates a new highland for biomedical industry

稿源:津滨网   编辑:王宁   2020-08-31 11:00

The modern Chinese medicine industry matchmaking conference held the signing ceremony of 10 matchmaking activities including bank-enterprise, industrial cooperation, and industrial incubation, effectively connecting the chain and strengthening the chain, and enhancing the modern Chinese medicine industry's market development ability, innovation transformation ability and overall competitiveness. It also promotes the high-quality development of Tianjin's modern Chinese medicine industry.

On August 26, the Municipal Bureau of Industry and Information Technology and Binhai High-tech Industrial Zone (the THT for short) jointly organized a special meeting on the matchmaking of the modern Chinese medicine industry in Tianjin. This event mainly aimed at the problems of insufficient market development in the modern Chinese medicine industry chain, insufficient transformation of innovative applications, difficulties in corporate financing, and organized upstream and downstream companies, investment and financing companies, scientific research institutes and platform service agencies to conduct docking.

Signing and cooperation promotes industrial development.

At the event, 10 signings including bank-enterprise signings, industrial cooperation signings, and industrial incubation signings became the “highlights”. Gao Jie, deputy director of the Biomedical Division of the Municipal Bureau of Industry and Information Technology, said that the 10 signings are aimed at connecting and strengthening the chain and promoting the high-quality development of biomedical industry in Tianjin.

It is reported that in terms of bank-enterprise signings, the SME Guarantee Center, Bank of Beijing and Tianjin Sino Pharmaceutical signed a credit agreement of RMB 10 million; Bank of China signed a credit agreement with Hongri Pharmaceutical for RMB 250 million; China Construction Bank signed a credit agreement with Tasly for a credit agreement of RMB 250 million; The bank signed an agreement with Tianjin Kaiyong Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. for an 80 million yuan credit.

The industrial cooperation signing includes the signing of Shengshibaicao Medicine Co., Ltd. and Tianjin Hongri Kangrentang Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.; Tianjin Pharmaceutical Research Institute Co., Ltd. and Tianjin Beilikang Biotechnology Co., Ltd.; Tianjin Pharmaceutical Research Institute Co., Ltd. and Tianjin Zhong Weihezhi Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. signed a contract; Tianjin Pharmaceutical Research Institute signed a contract with Tianjin Century Tianlong Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.; Tianjin Modern Innovative Chinese Medicine Technology Co., Ltd. signed a contract with Tianjin Lenovo Software Co., Ltd.

Industry incubation contracts include Tianjin Longlong Incubator Co., Ltd. and Tianjin Wenhua Qidian Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., Tianjin Tianrui Pharmaceutical Chain Co., Ltd., Tianjin Yangtian and Jinyongxin Pharmacy Chain Co., Ltd., and Tianjin Gerun Pharmaceutical Chain Co., Ltd.

Gao Jie believes that enterprise R&D and market development in the modern Chinese medicine industry require a large amount of capital investment. In order to alleviate financing bottlenecks and solve the problem of difficult and expensive financing for Chinese medicine enterprises, the bank-enterprise docking conducted this time can effectively relieve the financial pressure of enterprises. The docking of industrial cooperation and industrial incubation will also speed up the transformation of new products and promote the rapid advancement of the industry.

The THT builds a cell industry gathering place.

During the event, the relevant person in charge of the THT revealed that in recent years, the THT has steadily promoted the development of the biopharmaceutical industry. It has brought together a group of well-known enterprises in the industry such as Tianjin Pharmaceutical Research Institute, Bofu Yipusheng, Modern Innovative Chinese Medicine Center, Shengshi Baicao, and United Novartis. In the 2019 National Biomedical Industrial Park's comprehensive competitiveness and environmental competitiveness rankings, the THT ranks among the top ten in China.

Up to now, the THT has 2 state key laboratories in the medical field, 2 Tianjin key laboratories, 5 Tianjin enterprise key laboratories, 5 Tianjin municipal engineering technology centers, 2 industry-university-research-application innovation alliances, and 8 national technology business incubators.

In recent years, innovations in the biomedical industry in the THT have continued to emerge. For example, the national first-class new drug, Taininade, independently developed by Tianjin Pharmaceutical Research Institute, has obtained clinical trial approval. Yan Fengying, deputy general manager of Tianjin Pharmaceutical Research Institute, said that the institute has completed more than 700 scientific research achievements over the years, obtained more than 250 new drug certificates and production approvals, and has undertaken 80 national key projects since 2000 and 69 key projects in Tianjin. A total of more than 900 invention patents have been applied for and nearly 400 were authorized. Products and technologies radiate across the country, and many of the leading products of well-known companies come from the Pharmaceutical Research Institute.

It is reported that, as a national independent innovation demonstration zone, the THT has always been focusing on giving play to the policy advantages of “piloting and pioneering” policies to help accelerate the accumulation of innovative resources. In March of 2020, on the basis of conscientiously implementing Tianjin's various favorable enterprise policies, the THT studied and issued the "Tianjin Binhai High-tech Industrial Zone's Response to the Coronavirus Pandemic and Supporting Enterprise Development Assistance Measures and Implementation Rules (First Batch)". From 2020 to 2022, for three consecutive years, 100 million yuan of special funds for scientific and technological research of pharmaceutical enterprises have been arranged every year to provide special financial support to biomedical production and research enterprises and service institutions such as innovative drugs, medical devices, third-party medical service institutions, and pharmaceutical industry innovation public service platforms. At present, 2 million yuan of support funds have been issued to Tianjin Pharmaceutical Research Institute.

The relevant person in charge of the THT said that it is actively undertaking the construction of the core area of the "Cell Valley" in the Binhai New Area. Relying on Tianjin Pharmaceutical Research Institute, Institute of Hematology, Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences, Concord Stem Cell, Heyuan Bio, Tianjiu Regenerative Medicine and other scientific research institutes and leading enterprises, centering on the core of the cell industry quality control system, leading enterprise introduction and technological innovation breakthroughs, the mission is to promote the construction of professional carriers and innovation platforms, and build the entire cell industry chain of "extraction and preparation + cell storage + quality control inspection + R&D and production + application transformation + cold chain logistics". In the next step, the THT will focus on creating a cell industry cluster with distinctive features, rich elements, and complete chains, and strive to create a new highland for the development of the biomedical industry.