Intelligent Port construction in Tianjin Port accelerated, 5G automatic remote control of mobile cranes implemented

稿源:津滨网   编辑:王宁   2020-08-31 10:58

The reporter learned from Tianjin Industrial and Information Technology Bureau that Tianjin Mobile and Tianjin Port related departments, Huawei company and other partners set up a 5G intelligent port special working group, from the actual production needs, they taking advantages of 5G network’s ultra-low delay, large bandwidth uplink, wide coverage, high reliability, to achieve the automatic remote control of the mobile crane and liberate manpower. Operators can remote control the mobile crane, send commands, drive the mobile crane automatically run lifting, remote carry out loading and unloading container operations by high-definition video information and device status information returned via 5G sitting in the control room.

It is learned that during the operation, the 5G network status of the Union Terminal is stable, with an average network delay of 10ms and a minimum of 6ms; the average uplink speed is 100Mbps per second and the maximum 150Mbps per second, marking the service has entered the application stage.