Airport Area of Tianjin Pilot FTZ Explores Characteristic Approval Reform: Simplest Notification and Commitment System

稿源:津滨网   编辑:王宁   2020-08-27 18:06

Since the State Council issued the "Notice on the Full Coverage of Pilot Free Trade Zones for the "Separation of Certificates and Licenses"", the Airport Area of Tianjin Pilot Free Trade Zone has made every effort to promote the "Separation of Certificates and Licenses" reform pilots, explored special approval reforms, and actively promoted internationalized and convenient business environment.

The simplest notification and commitment system releases market vitality.

The relevant person in charge of the Government Service Office of the FTZ said that the Airport Area is fully committed to the reform of "separation of certificates and licenses", and the simplest notification and commitment system is the first in the country to achieve "full commitments, no approvals, and sign-off" for administrative licensing matters. The minimal notification and commitment system reform was the first to be implemented in the field of environmental assessment in automobile maintenance, power transmission and transformation, machining, laboratories, and gas boilers. The scope has been continuously expanded and extended to outdoor advertising settings, publication retail, agency bookkeeping, road cargo transportation, vocational training institutions, establishment of printing companies, establishment of travel agencies, etc. At the same time, the airport area undertook 437 municipal-level decentralization issues in 2019, and the actual number of issues it has undertaken ranks the first in each area of the Tianjin Pilot Free Trade Zone. The average legal processing time for decentralized approval items at the municipal level is 28 days, and the average commitment processing time is 2.75 days, an increase of nearly 80%. The reform of the airport area has reduced the burden on enterprises, further released the economic vitality of the market, and attracted enterprises to invest and expand production.

At the beginning of 2020, in the face of the coronavirus pandemic, the airport area used differentiated management and released the "Differentiated Management Catalog for Some Construction Projects with Slight Environmental Impact", which implemented differentiated management for 16 industries and 75 types of construction projects with relatively small environmental impacts. On the basis of the 41 types of projects exempted from handling environmental impact assessment procedures in Tianjin, the "Catalog" further extends the scope to 34 types of construction projects such as the production of masks and protective clothing, saving time for enterprises in the area that produce epidemic prevention materials as well as capital cost.

One single door can do a hundred things.

In the past five years of the reform of administrative examination and approval in the FTZ, the government service office has always regarded the reform of decentralization, management and service as an important starting point for regional efficiency, activation, and development, focusing on the needs of market entities, focusing on transforming government functions, and striving to create marketization and rule of law for an international business environment.

In order to serve the three major areas of the Free Trade Zone nearby, the Government Service Office of the Free Trade Zone has opened four government service halls: the airport area, the aviation logistics zone, the harbor and the seaport. Based on the on-site handling and immediate settlement of simple matters, the Government Service Office uses the dedicated examination and approval network to connect various halls to realize 167 (307 items including sub-items) approval items undertaken by the Government Service Office to be "all-in-one".) At the same time, the related businesses of vertical management departments such as taxation, social security, medical insurance, public security, national security, and fire protection, as well as the government service matters of each department of the FTZ administrative committee, are all stationed in the airport government service hall for centralized processing, so that the department should enter all the items and have one stop for items. It can do everything with only one door.

Government services realize "one-time submission, simultaneous processing".

It is reported that the Government Service Office has 5 items in "direct cancellation of approval", 4 items in "approval to record", 58 items in "full implementation of the notification and commitment system", and 141 items in "optimized access services", further lowering the market access threshold and inspiring vitality for innovation and entrepreneurship. At the same time, the Government Service Office has coordinated with the Market Supervision Bureau, the public security, taxation and other departments to achieve "one-stop acceptance" for enterprise establishment, continuously deepen the joint examination and approval of enterprise establishment, and promote various reforms such as "multi-certificate integration" and "full electronic enterprise registration". In 2019, through the integration of all the links involved in business establishment, business processing will be changed from "multi-window" to "one window", realizing "one-time submission and simultaneous processing" of enterprise establishment applications, including business license application, seal engraving, and receipt of invoices. The on-site examination and approval time for the establishment of enterprises within the company has been shortened to 3 hours. At the same time, it also issued free seals for newly-started enterprises, realizing zero charges for enterprises' bidding.

The FTZ minimizes the approval process.

Aiming at the service needs of enterprises, the Free Trade Zone Government Service Office has launched a series of approval reform measures to effectively reduce the time and financial costs of enterprises and solve the pain points and difficulties of enterprises. It will continuously deepen the "one system, three modernizations", "separation of certificates and licenses" and other approval reforms, continue to deepen the implementation of the "notification and commitment system" with the "government standard + enterprise commitment" approval method, streamline the approval process to the greatest extent, and truly realize the approval process featuring "full commitment, no approval, sign-off completion".

In addition, in response to the problem of excessive preparation of materials and time-consuming procedures for the extension of the administrative license after the expiration of the administrative license, the Government Service Office has launched a "three-in-one" service system of licensing, review, and supervision, and introduced a service model for renewal of the extended license. Applicants are allowed to directly reissue a new certificate with the original license + letter of commitment. At present, the service of completing the renewal commitment has been extended to 27 items. By formulating and implementing the " Social Investment Construction Project Approval Service Reform Implementation Plan (Trial) in Tianjin Port Free Trade Zone", the Government Service Office vigorously promoted a number of reform measures such as integration, credit commitment, and replenishment after tolerance to promote the optimization of the entire process of approval services, simplification and standardization. At present, enterprise investment project verification and filing can be completed within 1 working day; construction project planning permit in 6 working days; construction drawing design review in 10 working days; quality supervision registration filing and construction project construction permit can be completed within 1 working day. For general social investment projects, it takes no more than 18 working days from obtaining construction land ("land use pre-examination opinions") to obtaining construction permits.