Tianjin's Binhai promotes new policy to streamline business applications

稿源:China Daily   编辑:王宁   2020-08-27 17:45


Tianjin Binhai New Area is beefing up efforts to foster a better business environment, part of its plan to promote the local economy.

The area has promoted a "one certificate for one company" policy. In the past, companies needed to apply for several certificates before running a business, but now they only need to apply for one, shortening the administrative procedures needed to start businesses.

The Administrative Service Center of Tianjin Binhai New Area said it aims to promote the reform in 48 industries.

The area has also adopted a credit evaluation system for administrative approval before companies start business. For companies not on the blacklist, they can get business approval right after handing in application materials.

In addition, the area has promoted online applications to avoid contact during the novel coronavirus pandemic, standardized administrative services and other measures for an enhanced application experience.

Xu Fei, director of administrative service for Tianjin Binhai New Area, said the goal of promoting the reform is to make administrative procedures "as easy as online shopping" and foster a better business environment for local companies.

Chenxi, director of Tianjin Yongda Xintong Technology Co Ltd, a company that runs automobile sales service shops, said the reform has offered great convenience for the company.

"We only need about 60 days to get what we need to start business, but the average time is about 200-300 days in other cities," Chen said.