Lian Maojun presided over Binhai New Area High-caliber Talent Symposium

稿源:津滨网   编辑:王宁   2020-06-19 13:53

On June 16, Lian Maojun, a member of the Standing Committee of the Municipal Party Committee and Secretary of the Binhai New Area District Party Committee, presided over a symposium on high-caliber talents in Tianjin Binhai New Area (TBNA for short), listened to opinions and suggestions, and sought common development in the future. Yang Maorong, deputy secretary of the district party committee and governor of the district, attended the meeting. Zhang Tao, a member of the standing committee of the district party committee and director of the organization department of the district party committee, explained and promoted the implementation opinions of TBAN on accelerating the development of high-quality talents. Ma Bo, a member of the Standing Committee of the District Party Committee and Head of the Publicity Department of the District Party Committee, participated.

At the symposium, high-caliber talent representatives Liu Xiaocheng, Lannis Merino, Lu Fuping, Chao Shoubai, Meng Xiangfei, Xue Wenfang, Zheng Chunyang, Zhang Zhongbiao, Zhang Chengyi, Chen Fangping, and Wei Jiancang combined their life experiences in the new area with their actual working conditions. Focusing on the talent policy of TBNA and promote high-quality development, they talked freely, and made suggestions on optimizing the talent environment, creating a talent exchange platform, improving the talent system, and playing the role of industrial funds. Lian Maojun listened, took notes, interacted from time to time, and had in-depth discussions with everyone, asking relevant departments to pay close attention, speed up systematic research, fully absorb and digest, and promptly resolve feedback.

Lian Maojun emphasized that it is necessary to thoroughly study and implement General Secretary Xi Jinping’s important exposition on talent work, and regard talent resources as the first resource, as the key for TBNA to enhance the regional core competitiveness and achieve high-quality development in the new era. We must adhere to demand-oriented, goal-oriented, problem-oriented and result-oriented path, with a sense of urgency that can’t wait, can’t delay, or can’t stop, fill in the talent development shortcomings, continue to optimize the talent environment, strive to create a talent high ground, and turn the TBNA into a livable, pleasant, and tourism-friendly homes for talents, so that the vitality of talents can compete in TBNA, and promote the formation of a vivid situation of "all talents gather in TBNA".

Lian Maojun emphasized that it is necessary to build a talent special area and strive to create a first-class development environment for talent innovation and entrepreneurship. We will create an efficient talent policy environment, keep up with the times and improve the talent policy, so as to be flexible and efficient with accurate policy to truly give talents dignity, treatment, and decency. We will create a well-serviced entrepreneurial innovation environment, actively build a "innovation and entrepreneurship" platform, talent exchange platform and talent service platform, hold a talent salon that never ends, build a professional talent alliance, build a strong and responsive talent service network, and build a national high-level human resources industrial park with a "talent whistling and government responding" mechanism to attract more high-caliber talents to gather in TBNA. To create a high-quality urban living environment, continue to improve Tianjin's supporting facilities, and strive to build a beautiful coastal new city that is ecological, smart, and port-city integrated to meet the needs of talents for high-quality life. We will create a first-class business environment of internationalization, rule of law, convenience, and marketization, so that talents can focus on innovation and entrepreneurship in TBNA.

Lian Maojun pointed out that the Binhai New Area, as the main carrier of the “One Base and Three Areas”, and a major national strategy for Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei coordinated development, has a promising future and unlimited prospects. I hope that all high-caliber talents will always maintain their loyalty in the times, show their responsibility, always maintain their passion for innovation and continue to learn, grow and strive to realize their values. They shall contribute to the "second entrepreneurship" of TBNA and make new and greater contributions to achieve high-quality development in the new era.

Yang Maorong pointed out that in recent years, the TBNA has insisted on "building a nest and attracting phoenixes", vigorously introduced high-quality education and medical resources, constantly improved Tianjin's functions and helped talents gather. We should adhere to the principle of "leading the Phoenix to build a nest", constantly improve the talent policy, and promote the success of talent growth. We should insist on "building a nest for the phoenix", continuously optimize the talent environment, focus on solving the worries of talent development, and create a good environment for talent entrepreneurial growth. It is hoped that the vast numbers of high-caliber talents will further strengthen their confidence, take root in the new area, and develop together with the new area to create a better future.