"Upgraded Version" of Binhai New Area Talent Policy Officially Released

稿源:津滨网   编辑:王宁   2020-06-19 13:52

The Binhai New Area "Gather Talent" plan was launched. On June 16, Tianjin Binhai New Area (TBNA for short) officially issued the "Implementation Opinions on Further Accelerating the High-Quality Development of Talents" (hereinafter referred to as "Implementation Opinions"). The "upgraded version" of talent policy includes 14 specific measures in five areas. It comprehensively "optimizes and upgrades" institutional mechanisms, policy measures, service models, service efficiency, and reward procedures for high-quality development.

Based on this opportunity, the TBNA will vigorously implement the strategy of strengthening itself with talents, focus on the introduction of new kinetic energy, seize opportunities during the period of talent introduction, build a "talent highland" with "policies", and lead the high-quality development of the TBNA with talent development.

Constructing a convenient and efficient system and mechanism

TBNA will optimize the service model. It will reinvent the process of talent policy approval and fulfillment, give development zones full talent autonomy, and serve development zones to independently carry out talent project application, evaluation, and identification. Talents declaration projects in streets and towns can be submitted for approval directly and implemented in parallel with development zones.

TBNA will improve service efficiency. For city-level authorized talent projects approved by TBNA, the centralized assessment will be changed to "customized" convenient service. Subject to approval by the higher-level department of the TBNA, the system of "seeing and sending documents, seeing stamps and stamping" shall be implemented.

TBNA will innovate reward procedures. After the implementation of the project, in accordance with the principle of "shortening the process, speeding up and increasing efficiency", development zones will first cash in the subsidies and then the TBNA will match at a time according to the annual implementation ratio, and special reward methods will be formulated to reward based on the actual results of talent work.

Implementing precise professional policy measures

TBNA will optimize the policy system and create an upgraded version of Kunpeng plan. It will broaden the characteristics of settlement policies, and vigorously introduce urgently needed, entrepreneurial and reserve talents. It will provide "full process, all elements, all-round" services for young talents' innovation and entrepreneurship, and help young talents thrive.

TBNA will promote the integration of industry and talents. It will focus on the "4+3" industry and strengthen the linkage between industrial policies and talent policies. It will build a "project + team" support service system and gather a batch of high-end technology projects and leading talent teams. It will promote the development of industrial talent policies in development zones, streets and towns to combine with leading industries, focus on key areas such as financial leasing, education, and healthcare while formulating more attractive and innovative talent introduction policies.

TBNA will broaden channels for talent introduction. Through campus recruitment, student "Tour in Tianjin", overseas talent recruitment and other activities, it aims to attract global college students to gather in the TBNA. It will carry out the "three-induction and three-inversion" activities of bringing fellows back to their hometowns, comrades back to Binhai, and alumni back to Binhai, and play the role of carrier platforms such as "Tianjin Trade Fair", Park for Overseas Returnees, overseas talent workstations while introducing high-end talents at home and abroad to create talent matching event that never ends. The "Bole Award" was established to encourage institutions or individuals to recommend urgently needed talents and high-level talents and teams.

Building a high-end first-class carrying platform

TBNA will create a talent service platform. It will establish a comprehensive website for talent services that integrates publicity, services, and approvals to achieve "one network connection" and provide online and offline "one-stop" services for talents. It will build a talent database, with real-time and accurate grasp of talent supply and demand trends, and carry out forward-looking strategic research to provide precise support for talent work.

TBNA will speed up the development of human resources service industry. It will build a national first-class human resources service industrial park integrating career, entrepreneurship incubation, talent evaluation, achievement transformation, financing agency, etc., attracting about 30 leading enterprises and industry leading enterprises that have a demonstration and leading role in the country.

TBNA will promote the construction of dual innovation bases. It will improve the "startup nursery + incubator + accelerator (pilot base) + industrialization base" cascade incubation system, and promote the construction of innovation and entrepreneurship demonstration base. It will actively build an offshore innovation and entrepreneurship base for overseas talents in Tianjin (Binhai), build a "more convenient, more flexible, and higher-level" overseas talent service model, and actively expand overseas talent introduction channels.

Creating a high-quality and intimate development environment

TBNA will formulate and implement talent housing policies, establish talent apartment rentals, relax talent purchase conditions, and grant key talent purchase subsidies and other mechanisms while improving talent housing rent-free, preferential and gift systems, and building a housing security system covering all types of talents at all levels.

TBNA will improve and optimize public services. It will upgrade the high-level talent service certificate system to provide certificate holders with family security, child admission, convenient medical treatment, transportation, legal consultation and other service guarantees.

TBNA will strengthen talent contact services. Through forums, research, training, rehabilitation, expert consultations and other forms, a more extensive and in-depth talent exchange and cooperation platform will be built to enrich the content and methods of the district party committee's contact with experts.

Strengthening the work organization guarantee

In order to strengthen the overall coordination, TBNA will use development zones as the main body of introduction, coordinate the development of various streets and towns, improve the setting of talent work institutions in each development zone, strengthen the staffing of talents, and form a cohesive and consistent work pattern. It will compile the “14th Five-Year Plan” and mid- to long-term plan for talents in the TBNA, carry out research on key talents, promote the reform of talent work and policy innovation, implement the decision-making and deployment of various major talents at the national and municipal levels, and provide high-quality talents with high-quality and efficient “Binhai Service".

At the same time, it will strengthen the assessment and effectiveness. It will incorporate talent work into the "three examinations in one" system, with work performance as the core, emphasize target management, strict process control, increase incentives, encourage all departments and units to act, and ensure that all tasks are implemented and achieved effective results.