Seventeen students were entitled the "Excellent Youth in New Era" award in Tianjin Binhai New Area.

稿源:津滨网   编辑:王宁   2020-06-19 13:44

On the afternoon of June 17th ,“2020 Tianjin Binhai New area Released activity of Meritorious Deeds of Excellent Youth in New Era” held in Zi Yun middle school jointly by Civilization Office of TBNA, Education and Sports Bureau of TBNA, Chinese Communist Youth League Committee of TBNA, Women's Federation of TBNA, Care for the Next Generation Working committee of TBNA.After being recommended by various organizations and approved by the District Civilization Office, 17 students including Zhang Yaqi were awarded.

At the event, Liu Zhihao from Grade 5, Class 3 of Dagang Fuyuan Primary School, Duan Ran from Grade 6, Class 4 of Tanggu Experimental School, Zhang Jinliang from Grade 9, Class 1 of Tanggu Bohai Petroleum No.2 Middle School and Li Ying from Grade 2 class of Dagang Oilfield Second High School give speeches as representatives. The person in charge of the publicity department of the district party committee said that the youth of the region are expected to follow their example and cultivate and form a civilized and friendly, self-reliant, honest and trustworthy, filial piety, diligent and studious, hardworking and thrifty, public-spirited good qualities, and promote virtue and spread virtue by their own actions.