Financial policies alleviate enterprises' burden

稿源:津滨网   编辑:王宁   2020-06-19 13:44

Since the outbreak of the epidemic, TEDA has implemented Tianjin's "21 Articles of Benefit to Enterprises" and "27 Articles" policies in depth and taken the lead in the city in formulating the "21 Articles of Benefit to Enterprises" and "16 policies warm enterprise ", give full play to the policy "superposition effect" to help enterprises work and production resumption, help small and medium-sized micro businesses get through difficult times.As of early June, there was a total of 1.12 billion yuan in waived funds, 148 million yuan in special fund support, and 1.26 billion yuan in policy support funds, financial loans 22.38 billion yuan. The financial policies help the enterprises relive their burden.

"In accordance with the policy requirements of Tianjin and Binhai New Area, TEDA provides enterprises with a wide range of social security, rent, production energy and administrative fees and charges. The total amount of money that has been reduced or exempted from the levy is about 1.12 billion Yuan." Wang Hao, deputy director of the Development and Reform Bureau of TEDA said.

According to the introduction, as of the beginning of June, TEDA has reduced or waived pension insurance premiums for 92 large enterprises and 11,316 small and medium enterprises. 600 million Yuan, workers' compensation insurance premiums of 17.58 million Yuan, unemployment insurance premiums of 18.88 million Yuan, and health insurance premiums of 242.76 million Yuan. For renters who made rent reductions, the total reduction was 35.12 million Yuan in property taxes and 8.13 million Yuan in urban land use taxes. At the same time, it is reducing the cost of water, electricity and gas for small and medium-sized micro-enterprises and individual businesses, as well as reducing or waiving administrative fees and charges.

Along with tax and fee reductions for enterprises, TEDA also supports science and technology-based enterprises by allocating special funds, increasing government procurement, the total amount of support for enterprise development reached 328 million Yuan.

TEDA makes full use of the policies of the state, Tianjin City and Binhai New Area, and actively applies for special refinancing, technical reform funds and labor support with a total funding of 1.26 billion Yuan.TEDA actively organizes regional epidemic prevention and control key security companies to the New District Development and Reform Commission to declare central bank refinancing, has now declared 8 batches of special financing, involving 55 enterprises, 12.195 billion Yuan. TEDA makes full use of insurance, credit, interest rate subsidies and other financial means to build a docking platform for banks and enterprises, encouraging banks to provide innovative financial products to help companies reduce their financing costs, which involves a total of 22.38 billion Yuan.

Wang Hao said, the next step TEDA will pay close attention to the latest policies issued by the state, Tianjin and Binhai New Area, make plan in advance and timely implementation to ensure the rapid transfer of beneficial policies to enterprises. And according to the actual situation to issue a new batch of enterprise policies.