TBNA plans to complete 9800 mu of afforestation this year

稿源:津滨网   编辑:王宁   2020-06-13 08:50

The reporter learned from the Agricultural and Rural Committee of the Tianjin Binhai New Area (TBNA for short) on June 8 that this year, TBNA has accelerated the construction of green ecological barrier in the middle of the two cities, and the work of new afforestation, soil quality testing, and design schemes in various districts are in order. This year, the TBNA plans to plant 9,800 mu (1 mu = 666.67 m2). After the project is completed, a "green, natural, ecological and wild" ecological barrier will be built to continuously improve the quality of urban landscape greening and benefit more citizens.

Cooperation between various departments

The reporter learned that the total area of the green ecological barrier within the middle of the two cities in the TBNA is 173.9 square kilometers, ranging from the Yongding Xinhe River in the north, the West Outer Ring Expressway in the east, the Duliujian River in the south, and the Quiet Expressway in the west.

Since this year, all departments in the TBNA have worked together to promote the construction of the Twin-city Green Corridor project. Up to now, 2180 mu (1 mu = 666.67 m2) of afforestation has been completed. Demolition projects in Hujiayuan Street, Xincheng Town and Zhongtang Town are carrying out preliminary demolition preparation work; Zhongtang Town, Xincheng Town, Gulin Street and Xinhe Street carry out soil quality inspection on afforestation plots after completing the design plan, feasibility study, and then they advance the preliminary work of land survey.

The River Intake Pumping Station project of Water Affairs Bureau in TBNA has completed the construction of intake sluice, front pond and inlet pond, pump room, outlet pond (including outlet pressure box culvert and outlet culvert connection section), and self-flow culvert, with a cumulative completion of 98%. The carrying capacity test of the management building and auxiliary plant pipe piles is under way while the lighting of the main plant building, the construction of the cable trench and cable tray and the concrete cushion of the outlet pressure box culvert are poured. The bottom of the control gate connection section is poured. 60% of the procurement and installation of mechanical and electrical equipment and metal structure equipment were completed.

The Transportation Bureau of TBNA prepared and completed the preliminary design plan of the project and completed the design tender procedures. In the next step, as the construction of the Twin-city Green Corridor project progresses in an orderly manner, the relevant demolition and land leveling work in each area will also be started one after another.

A good place for citizens to relax

"Last year, the TBNA promoted the construction of a green ecological barrier in the middle of the two cities, carried out high-standard area planning, completed 7522 mu (1 mu = 666.67 m2) of afforestation, and accelerated the creation of an ecological system with interwoven forest networks and road networks. This year, the TBNA will continue to promote the construction of green ecological barriers." The relevant person in charge of the Agricultural and Rural Committee of the TBNA said that the overall green ecological barrier project in the two cities will follow the guidelines of being "green, surrounded by water, inter connected by water systems, and connected by roads" and building a "green, natural, ecological, wild" ecological barrier. By construction of surrounding roads, forest roads, rest places, and improvement of public facilities such as garbage collection and transportation, toilets, etc., it aims to build the project into a place for people to visit and rest, so as to further enhance the livability of the TBNA and help optimize the business environment.

The reporter noticed that as the green ecological barrier in the middle of the two cities began to take shape, the green trees and beautiful scenery in some of the currently completed projects have become a good place for citizens to relax and visit. Take the "seven-color flower field" landscape of the twin-city middle green ecological barrier project in Tianjin Airport Economic Area as an example, the rapeseed in spring, the verbena in summer, and the ‘seven-color rainbow’ trail are all popular for photo shoots."