"Reading + Plan" of TBNA launched on June 1

稿源:津滨网   编辑:王宁   2020-06-04 16:06

The reporter learned from the Binhai New Area Library on June 1 that it was jointly sponsored by the Publicity Department of District Party Committee in Tianjin Binhai New Area (TBNA for short), the District Culture and Tourism Bureau, the District Press and Publication Bureau, the District Women’s Federation, the District Education and Sports Bureau, and the Youth League of the District Party Committee, and implemented by TEDA Library and Archives, Tianjin Airport Economic Area Cultural Center, Sino-Singapore Tianjin Eco-city Library and Archives to hold reading promotion activities - "Reading + Plan", which was launched on June 1. It is themed of "Reading + Growth", "Reading + Happiness" and "Reading + Future" and so on, aimed at pre-school children, primary school students, middle school students and other minor readers, carried out activities in the form of parent-child reading, and radiated all families in the TBNA, so as to promote the process of a book-building society.

As a brand project of the National Parent-Child Reading Base of the Binhai New Area Library, the series will also launch "bibliography + plan", "communication + plan", "action + plan" and "display + plan" to create communication, display and practice for young readers through the multi-platform, to accompany the growth of young readers. "Minor ideological and moral construction is not just a family matter, it is more about the overall situation and the future. As a public library, we have a responsibility to use the vast reading resources to escort the healthy growth of children." Ma Wenyan, curator of Binhai New Area Library, said.

Creating a parent-child reading environment

"Every book here is carefully selected." Ma Wenyan said that in order to allow children to read healthily, activities at this stage are mainly carried out online. Citizens join the activity group in the mobile library APP, and they can choose reading resources suitable for their children’s age to read, and carry out a 21-day reading plan through five processes of fun, guidance, listening, co-reading, and sharing. After a plan is completed, the activity will continue to launch new plans to allow young readers to continue to grow in reading.

"From the perspective of activity rules, we try to set as many as possible to stimulate children's interest in participation. In addition, we have added special links such as parent wisdom camps and event displays to enhance the relationship between parents and children." For example, the selected resources include "Little Secrets in Kindergarten" that teaches children to experience the fun of schooling, and "Dinosaurs, where are you?" "Escape the Bunny Rabbit", in addition to the book resources such as "Inspire Children" and "Listen to Children", which is convenient for parents to learn the growth rules of young children. "Readers can publish their reading experience in the group in the form of text, recording, video, etc. according to the content of the reading book. They can also check in, write reading notes, watch interesting manual videos, etc. to form a reading atmosphere for discussion and exchange online." Ma Wenyan said.

Displaying offline interactive results

"The Binhai New Area Reading Promotion Program will continue to give play to the unique advantages of online digital resource, offline interaction and achievement display, and realize the combination of static reading and dynamic display." Ma Wenyan said that this event is based on the principle of "united entities, resources allocation, object fusion, and characteristic combination" and it will jointly create a brand new parent-child reading activity. While promoting online co-reading activities together, each library will carry out offline theme activities in a timely manner according to its own characteristics, so that "reading + planning" will form a greater influence. "In order to jointly create a brand reading project in the TBNA, each library has included its own boutique activities, such as Tianjin primary and secondary school students' reading series of activities featuring "good book accompany me to grow up", "green bookmarks · nursery action", our "SUNDAY painted storytelling house", etc., and will be further expanded according to the activities carried out to continuously enrich the reading experience for young people." Ma Wenyan said, "Reading + Plan" was selected to start on "June 1" Children's Day, and hope to use this opportunity to encourage more minors to pay attention to reading.