The main body of Nangang metro logistics dedicated line to be completed at end of 2020

稿源:津滨网   编辑:王宁   2020-06-04 16:05

A few days ago, the project of Tianjin Nangang Metro Logistics Co., Ltd. dedicated line started construction and plans to complete the main body by the end of this year. The project is located in the Nangang Industrial Zone. After its completion, it will open up the “last mile” of the railway into the port, which can meet the transportation needs of bulk cargo by “roads transiting to railway” and bring significance to better the environment in the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei region.

The reporter saw a busy scene at the intersection of Haigang Road and Gangbei Road in the Nangang Industrial Zone. Workers are operating more than ten pile drivers for construction operations. This is one of the key projects in the construction site of the Nangang Metro Logistics Special Line. "At present, generators, pile drivers and other equipment have been put in place, and the ground is covered with green nets while the construction of office facilities is progressing in an orderly manner, and the project is in the stage of comprehensive construction." Luo Manzhong, the company's project manager, told reporters.

Cao Qiang, head of the project site of Tianjin Nangang Metro Logistics Co., Ltd., pointed out the construction drawings to introduce to reporters: "Our current location is the future of loading and unloading. The bulk cargo transported through the dedicated line is loaded and unloaded here. In order to satisfy the demand for new logistics companies in the industrial zone in the future, we have also reserved a place for the second loading and unloading field."

According to reports, the Nangang Metro Logistics dedicated line project is connected to the Nangang Railway Station of Tianjin Nangang Railway. The length of the connection point to the terminal line is 3.132 kilometers, and the length of the track is 5.373 kilometers. The project has a designed transportation capacity of 8 million tons per year, which can meet the transportation needs of bulk cargo through "road transit to railway".

Geng Lihong, secretary of the party branch and executive director of Tianjin Nangang Metro Logistics Co., Ltd., said that after the project is completed, it will open up the “last mile” of the railway into the port, which is important for improving the public transportation system in the Nangang Industrial Zone and improving the environment of the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei region.

It is claimed that the Nangang Metro logistics special line project is one of the key projects of the nine ministries and commissions such as the Ministry of Transport on transportation structure adjustment and Tianjin’s victory in the "Blue Sky Defense War" to promote the construction of the “road transfer to railway”, which will provide high-quality regional development with efficient functional support. The dedicated line can be connected to the Nanhuan Railway through the Nangang Railway, thereby connecting the Tianjin Railway Hub, and connecting it with Beijing, Shanhaiguan, Jinan, Juzhou, Bazhou, Huanghua through the hub to promote the Nangang Industrial Zone with "port-railway-highway" three-dimensional transportation system to be completed as soon as possible, providing a strong support for the transportation of the Nangang Port Area to the northeast, north and east of China.

"Although it was affected by the coronavirus pandemic, with the strong support and assistance of the Administrative Committee of Tianjin Economic-technological Development Area (TEDA), the project started smoothly, and it is planned that the main body will be completed by the end of this year." Geng Lihong said, as the key construction of Binhai New Area and TEDA in 2020, it will strictly control the quality, actively implement the construction while implementing various epidemic prevention and control measures and ensure safe production, and contribute to the economic development of Binhai New Area.