Beidahuang "holding hands" with Dongjiang FTP to "reclaim" new financial sector

稿源:津滨网   编辑:王宁   2020-05-27 15:11

The reporter learned from the Administrative Committee of Dongjiang Free Trade Port (Dongjiang FTP) that the network freight headquarters and commercial factoring project of Beidahuang Logistics Group settled in Dongjiang FTP.

It is claimed that the Beidahuang Group is the largest agricultural group in the country and the leading agricultural enterprise in China. Beidahuang Logistics Group is a national "AAAAA" level logistics enterprise and one of the most complete service companies in the domestic logistics field. Beidahuang Logistics Group set up a network freight platform headquarters in Dongjiang FTP this time, using the "Internet + logistics" new method to optimize food transportation, cold chain logistics and other businesses, while deploying commercial factoring subsidiaries to further enhance finance support function of the Group's trade, import and export business, build an ecological system integrating goods flow, capital flow and trade in Dongjiang FTP.

In the future, Dongjiang FTP will continue to use the advantages of the policy function and industrial innovation of the Tianjin Free Trade Zone, service and guide the central state-owned enterprises to innovate and develop in the fields of network freight, platform economy, and new finance, reduce costs and increase efficiency, and enhance the integration advantages of the entire industrial chain.