Binhai New Area Museum uses cloud to tell Binhai story

稿源:津滨网   编辑:王宁   2020-05-26 14:38

May 18 marks the International Museum Day. Museums in Binhai New Area planned various cultural activities on the basis of COVID-19 pandemic prevention and control. Under the guidance of the District Culture and Tourism Bureau, seven museums, i.e., the National Oceanographic Museum, Dagukou Fort Ruins Museum, Binhai New Area Museum, Ancient Forest and Coastal Relic Museum, Dagang Olympic Museum, Jingu Memory Museum and Hangu International Printmaking Book Collection Tickets, established the "Cooperative Development Alliance for Binhai New Area Museums" to integrate museum resources within the jurisdiction and create a matrix for regional museum and cultural tourism.


"Come and experience! The ambassador of culture and museum"!

After the establishment of the alliance, the "most influential cultural and tourism messenger" marking activity was launched. Citizens can visit 7 museums in the alliance and could forward a publicity link to obtain a certificate." This event will continue from May to December this year when visitors come and mark to become the 'most influential messenger for culture and museum'." Ye Shixuan, a staff member of the Dagukou Fort Ruins Museum, introduced. In addition, the National Maritime Museum, Dagukou Fort Site Museum, and Jingu Memory Museum have gathered in the cloud with a large number of literature and history lovers through online live broadcasts. The Binhai New Area Museum also appeared as a "digital museum" with richer content and more refined display. The intelligent interactive screen in the central hall is divided into exhibition hall mode and exhibit mode, so that the audience can feel the real exhibition experience, but also in the information of the exhibits, one can be bombed with massive info and leave comments, which is very popular among the audience. In addition to visiting the site, citizens can also enter the "virtual exhibition hall" in the "Free Open" section of the WeChat public account of the "Binhai New Area Museum".

Continuous and diverse experiences

Although the series of theme events of the International Museum Day has come to an end, the diverse experiences carefully prepared by each museum continue.

The Dagukou Fort Ruins Museum will continue to launch a series of activities of “Fortress Historical Characters Stories” and “The First Cross-Domain Online Red Story Interpretation Contest Outstanding Works”. The Ancient Forest and Ancient Coast Heritage Museum has launched a series of online popular science activities. Dagang Olympic Museum specially holds an online exhibition on the theme of "Chinese Winter Olympics". The Hangu International Printmaking Book Ticket Collection Museum holds the "International Printmaking Book Ticket Online Exhibition" to use art to brighten lives of citizens.