First phase of airport customs grand clearance base completed

稿源:津滨网   编辑:王宁   2020-05-14 16:44

Recently, the Tianjin Airlines Port Grand Clearance Base (Phase I), which was constructed by the General Construction Company of CCTEB Group Co., Ltd., was completed. Among them, the cross-border e-commerce industrial park, which is also used as the Grand Clearance Base (Phase I) project, will soon be put into use.

The Tianjin customs grand clearance base is located in the aviation logistics area. The construction of the project is led by the Tianjin Port Free Trade Zone, organized by Tianjin T&B Holding Company and its affiliated aviation logistics development company. The total land area is 100.16 hectares and the total construction area is about 504,000 square meters. It is composed of the port operation area and the production office auxiliary facilities area. The construction content includes logistics operation infrastructure, production office auxiliary facilities, public supporting facilities, energy security facilities and five aspects of the information service platform of the grand customs base. The construction of the first phase of the project includes two parts: the cross-border e-commerce industrial park and the joint inspection service center, with a total construction area of 213.6 thousand square meters. After being put into use, it will integrate the functions of port services, freight hubs, business services, etc. to achieve centralized supervision and inspection of goods by port management departments such as customs, inspection and quarantine, and provide efficient, convenient customs clearance service with integration for shipping, logistics, trade and other enterprises.

After the project is completed, it will further enhance the competitiveness of Tianjin Airports, enhance the role of the regional hub of Tianjin Airport, improve the absorption capacity of surrounding and international cargo sources, and provide strong support for the construction of China International Aviation Logistics Center.