Binhai New Area Art Museum held its first live guided tour

稿源:津滨网   编辑:王宁   2020-05-14 16:44


On May 10, the Binhai New Area Art Museum held its first online live guided tour since its opening. Taking the opportunity of being exhibited in the "Flower Blossoming Prosperity-Nomination Exhibition of Famous Artists of Flower and Bird Painting", it invited Bai Guang, a lecturer and academic host from the Art Creation Research Center of Tianjin Academy of Fine Arts, to deeply interpret the connotation of the work for the audience, and showed it to everyone through the Tik Tok and Weibo platform, which not only attracted the attention of many netizens, but also made the audience stop to listen.

"This is a famous work called "Cockscomb Flower" by Mr. Chen Fuchun. The color matching is very elegant. While introducing the characteristics of the work itself, Bai Guang also shared many stories behind the exhibition planning with the audience and his experience of studying at Tianjin Academy of Fine Arts. Bai Guang said that appreciating the works of famous artists can enhance his aesthetic level in a subtle way. "This is the first livestream trial since we opened the museum, which has been well received by everyone. Next, we will make the online guide into a normalized activity and continue to interpret the work for everyone." Wu Shang, a staff member of the Binhai New Area Art Museum said that at the same time, "Auspicious New Year Happiness Tianjin-Yangliuqing Woodblock New Year Exhibition", "International Master Printmaking Masters' Original Works Exhibition" and "Shanxi Jingle Paper-cutting Interactive Education Tour Exhibition" will also be on display in the museum. "Master Collection Original Works Exhibition" invites Liu Shuohai, director of the Hangu International Printmaking Book Collection Museum in Binhai New Area, as a guest in the live broadcast room of Binhai Cultural Center to show the audience the creative style of international printmaking masters.

In addition to online guides, the Binhai New Area Art Museum has also launched an online art course, which has organized 20 art lectures held by famous lecturers since the opening of the museum to facilitate the in-depth study of art theory; Explaining and appreciating the exhibition works is currently on display in audio and graphic form; the "Cloud Course", which focuses on hands-on experience, will launch a series of themes. In addition, the “Children’s Painting Spring—Tianjin Binhai Art Museum Online Exhibition Calling Activity” for the theme of spring attracted enthusiastic submissions. After the selection, the works will be divided into four on the WeChat public account of “Binhai Cultural Center Binhai Art Museum” for showcasing.