Binhai New Area to build a new credit-based supervision mechanism

稿源:津滨网   编辑:王宁   2020-05-11 11:58

The reporter learned from the Development and Reform Commission of Binhai New Area that at present, the “Action Plan for Accelerating the Building of Credibility, Integrity and Honesty in Binhai New Area” (hereinafter referred to as the "Plan") has been formulated. According to the "Plan", the Binhai New Area will build a new credit-based supervision mechanism to promote the coordinated development of government integrity, business integrity, social integrity and judicial credibility, and strive to initially establish a long-term mechanism for the integrity of Binhai New Area in a short time and appropriately apply for the establishment of a national social credit system to build a demonstration city.

The “Plan” improves credit information infrastructure, builds a credit-based regulatory mechanism, promotes joint rewards and punishments, accelerates the construction of integrity in industries and key areas, promotes the following fields to be clarified, i.e., the construction of government integrity and judicial credibility, strengthening personal integrity, how to explore innovative ways for the work, and strengthening the guarantee for building honesty.

Increasing joint disciplinary efforts for dishonesty

In terms of strengthening credit information infrastructure, the Binhai New Area will build a "smart Binhai" credit information system, upgrade and transform existing business systems in key industries, and implement credit information embedded in government services and daily supervision processes. By the end of 2020, we strive to realize the interconnection of district-level credit platforms and city-level credit platforms. Credit records will be established comprehensively, and credit information of natural persons, legal persons, and unincorporated organizations will be recorded in accordance with laws and regulations based on personal ID numbers and unified social credit codes. By the end of 2020, key industries and fields will establish and improve credit records for market players and natural persons. Credit information will be comprehensively collected. In 2020, public credit information will be collected to reach 5 million pieces.

In terms of building a credit-based regulatory mechanism, the Binhai New Area will vigorously promote the classification and supervision of credit classification and promote the application of comprehensive evaluation of public credit. For enterprises with a comprehensive evaluation result of "poor", the industry supervision department will conduct interviews and supervise rectification. It will expand credit report application scenarios, establish and improve credit report application catalog lists, and clarify the application and role of credit reports in government procurement, government bidding, administrative approval, market access, qualification review, special fund arrangement and other administrative management matters.

In terms of promoting joint rewards and punishments, the Binhai New Area will improve the "red and black list" identification mechanism, collect information on the "red and black list", improve the joint reward and punishment mechanism, urge the untrustworthy market players to rectify within a time limit, and resolutely implement market and industry bans in accordance with laws and regulations, establish and improve accountability mechanisms, and establish and improve credit objection and repair mechanisms. Among them, in key areas directly related to the safety of people's lives and property, such as food and medicine, ecological environment, project quality, emergency management, old-age care, etc., strict supervision is implemented, and joint disciplinary efforts for breach of trust are increased.

Establishing integrity files for key group of people

In terms of accelerating the construction of integrity in the industry and key areas, the Binhai New Area will support the Association Chamber of Commerce to carry out industry credit construction, strengthen the construction of credit systems in key industries and areas, and focus on rectifying illegal and untrustworthy behaviors. Among them, we will increase support for the typical "red list" members and practitioners of integrity, and implement disciplinary measures such as warnings, industry notifications, and dismissal for members and employees who are not trustworthy. In industries and fields such as production safety, human and social security, business and trade circulation, food and medicine, cultural tourism, home care and old-age care, and housing security, we will increase incentives for trustworthiness and punishment for breach of trust.

In terms of promoting the integrity of government affairs and the building of judicial credibility, the Binhai New Area will increase the transparency of government affairs, continue to carry out special governance work on the issue of untrustworthiness of government affairs, build a mechanism of trustworthiness and practice of the government, strengthen the integrity of government procurement, bidding, and government and social capital cooperation to promote the building of judicial credibility.

In terms of strengthening personal integrity, Binhai New Area will promote the improvement of personal real-name registration system, base on the citizen identification number system, promote the construction of a unified social credit code system for citizens, and implement the real-name registration system in the fields of telecommunications, financial accounts, Internet, and postal delivery. It will establish personal integrity records in key areas, including establishing legal integrity files focusing on corporate legal representatives and relevant responsible persons, lawyers, teachers, physicians, and other groups, improve credit commitment, credit evaluation, and classified supervision mechanisms, and promptly forward needed information to district credit information sharing platform.

The Binhai New Area will also explore the development of credit work, vigorously promote the design and development of “Credit for Loan”, credit APP called “Credit +”and other application scenarios to benefit citizens and bring more convenience to enterprises, and form a batch of credit services with social credibility and influence; it will create demonstration areas and explore the construction of credit industrial parks or credit big data innovation application bases to mobilize social forces to participate in the construction of integrity.