Lian Maojun went to THT for investigation

稿源:津滨网   编辑:王宁   2020-05-09 15:37

On May 7, Lian Maojun, a member of the Standing Committee of the Municipal Party Committee and Secretary of the Binhai New Area District Party Committee, went to Binhai High-tech Industrial Zone (THT for short), visited key enterprises and projects, learned about regional development, and made clear requirements for the next step. The following figures participated: Yang Maorong, Deputy Secretary of District Party Committee and District Governor; Deng Guanghua, Deputy Secretary of District Party Committee and Secretary District Party Committee.

Lian Maojun later went to Tianjin Zexi Mineral Processing Co., Ltd., Tianjin Pyitium Information Technology Co., Ltd., Ziguangyun Headquarters Project, High-end Semiconductor Industrial Park and Zhonghuan DW Project, Super Large Spacecraft Assembly Test Center of the No.5 Branch of Academy of Aerospace, to learn more and coordinate the development of enterprise projects, development, technological innovation and other related issues. He emphasized that we must unswervingly promote independent innovation, strive to create a good innovation ecosystem, and occupy the high end of the value chain with a steady stream of innovation.

Lian Maojun fully affirmed the achievements made in the development of THT. He said that the THT, with its courage to dare to try and dare to break through, and the spirit of being brave to bear the responsibility, fully promotes reform and innovation, with high quality and efficiency, strong dynamic vitality, and great development potential. The Binhai New Area will fully support the development of the THT, adhere to the THT affairs office, ensure that once THT whistles and the department report to the same frequency resonance with it.

Lian Maojun emphasized that it is necessary to deeply study and implement the spirit of General Secretary Xi Jinping’s important speech and important instructions, focus on innovation and development, focus on inducing new kinetic energy, and strive to promote the construction and development of the national independent innovation demonstration zone in the forefront of the country. Firstly, we must focus on conceptual innovation and form a new trend of daring to set the tide first. We must emancipate the mind, fill in the shortcomings, strive to overcome the problems of unwillingness to do, dare not to do, will not do, do not really do, but to dare to fight, be a pioneer in reform and innovation and a test field. Secondly, we must focus on industrial innovation and form a new trend of structural optimization of kinetic energy conversion. It is necessary to highlight high-tech special intelligence, scientific and precise investment, accelerate the transition from policy dividends to service environmental dividends, innovation environmental dividends, and industrial ecological environmental dividends, and vigorously introduce industries that use human wisdom as productivity. It is necessary to focus on leading industries by introducing seedlings, raising seedlings, planting seedlings, gradient cultivation, and full care for high-growth enterprises such as young eagles and gazelle. It is necessary to accelerate the transformation and upgrading of parks and enterprises, innovate development models, and promote the industry to continue to move toward the high end. Thirdly, we must focus on scientific and technological innovation and form a new trend of endogenous growth vitality. We must adhere to applied innovation as the core, constantly improve the results transformation system and mechanism, and actively guide the establishment of industrial innovation alliances to achieve alliance orders and government actions. Fourthly, we must focus on environmental innovation and form a new trend of collusion, co-construction, co-management and sharing. The soft environment should be strong by firmly establishing the concept of "industry first, entrepreneur’s boss" while establishing a quality service chain throughout the life cycle. The talent environment should be excellent, and the talent introduction mechanism should be improved to create a good environment suitable for the development and life of high-end innovative talents. The urban environment must be beautiful, and the supporting functions of education, health, culture, and commerce must be constantly improved. The level of urban management intelligence should be improved, and the integrated development of industry and city should be promoted.

Yang Maorong emphasized that we must adhere to the development of the real economy, pay close attention to key industrial areas, continue to increase investment attraction, and create new momentum to attract new highlands. It is necessary to continuously improve the city functions, actively promote the integration of industry and city, and create a number of new highlights. It is necessary to enhance the awareness of opportunities, accelerate the cultivation of a batch of flagship enterprises, and make new and greater contributions to the high-quality development of Binhai New Area.

Shan Zefeng, Secretary of the Party Committee and Director of the Administrative Committee of THT, participated.