TEDA Filters reproduces materials for children’s masks

稿源:津滨网   编辑:王宁   2020-05-09 15:37

Children's masks are one of the necessary equipment for elementary and middle school students to resume classes. The reporter learned from TEDA Filters Co., Ltd. (TEDA Filters) that on May 6, it participated in the formulation of the national standard for children's masks – "Technical Specifications for Children's Masks", which was officially released. This specifications is higher than national standard, truly realizing "efficiency and low resistance".

It is claimed that the national standard for children's masks was led by the China Industrial Textile Industry Association, jointly issued by the General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine and the China National Standardization Administration. Its standard number is GB / T38880-2020, which will be implemented from the date of publication. TEDA Filters is the only high-efficiency and low-resistance children’s mask filter manufacturer in the establishment. According to professionals, children's masks are by no means smaller adult masks. Compared with adults, children have physiological characteristics such as strong metabolism, high respiratory rate, high blood oxygen saturation, and imperfect respiratory system development. Children under 3 years of age may wear masks for too long and may even suffocate. Therefore, the "Children's Mask Technical Specification" puts the pursuit of low-resistance and high-efficiency masks in the first place. While considering physiological needs, it also makes clear provisions on the safety of materials and the safety of wearing and using. According to the function of masks and usage scenarios, children's masks are divided into "protective masks" and "sanitary masks". Children’s protective masks have high requirements on the tightness and protective effect of masks, and are mainly suitable for children to wear and use in scenarios with high pollution environment or high potential risks; children's sanitary masks are barrier types, which require high barrier performance for mask materials to be mainly suitable for children to wear and use in daily environment.

In order to cooperate with the formulation of the national standard for children's masks, R & D team of TEDA Filters has been promoting the "birth" of children's mask filter materials. Today, they launched the children's mask filter materials on the same day as the national standard release, i.e., "TEDA children filtering material". TDK-EW products are developed for children's sanitary masks, and TDK-EF products are specially developed for children's protective masks, which are completely higher than the national standard of adult masks. It uses a new generation of electret technology. If "TEDA filtering material" is an i5 processor, then "TEDA children filtering material" is "i7", which can surpass the filtration efficiency of KN95 level, but its resistance is far lower than that level for mask filter material.

Song Xiao, the person in charge of TEDA Cleanliness, said that paying attention to the safety and health of children is a social responsibility of state-owned enterprises. Nowadays, they are participating in the formulation of the national standard for children’s masks and the release of filter materials for children’s masks. In the near future, "TEDA children filtering material" will continue to extend downstream, and on the basis of considering the protective function, make more fashionable, cartoon and personalized children's mask products.

It is claimed that TEDA Filters "filtering materials" plan does not stop there. The company has always focused on increasing R & D as a long-term priority of its foundation. While launching "dual materials" one after another, it has initiated the research and development of the next generation of filter media and work to stabilize the commanding heights of industry products.