Online and offline work resumption reaches 100% in Hylanda Full-Process Service Incubator

稿源:津滨网   编辑:王宁   2020-05-09 15:34

The reporter learned from the Hylanda Full-Process Service Incubator in the Sino-Singapore Eco-City on the 7th that from the early stage of the epidemic, it gathers and integrates resources from all parties to solve the problems encountered by the company in terms of production, funds, and policies. At present, the incubator basically realizes on-site working, and the online and offline resumption rate reaches 100%.

Since the outbreaking of the epidemic, we focus on preventing epidemic situation as well as promoting development, and match various resources for enterprises many times to meet the requirements of enterprises. The person in charge of Hylanda told the reporter, during the epidemic, they cooperate with the sterilization work in the park and orderly manage the enterprises in the incubator and deploy the prevention work comprehensively. The incubator also organized 13 activities includes online roadshows, policy announcements for science and technology enterprises, interpretation of tax talent policies, and big data application training for enterprises using online live broadcast. Chen Si, the founder of, an important incubator partner, was also invited to the Eco-City to launch a live event on the theme of "food + big data".In addition, the incubator invited Shanghai HIGHER Group to the Eco-City to have an in-depth discussion on a series of issues such as the Eco-City's resources and environment, science and technology policies, and the implementation of smart industries.