TEDA Peony Garden to welcome visitors with blossoms

稿源:津滨网   编辑:王宁   2020-04-28 08:42


The May Day holiday is approaching and the flower viewing garden is on the agenda. At present, the colorful flowers in the Peony Garden of the TEDA Plant Resource Bank have made the people linger to admire the flowers.

The reporter learned that the Peony Garden of TEDA Plant Resource Pool covers an area of 28,000 square meters, and currently collects nearly 500 varieties of peony. Among them, there are nearly 200 varieties of peony, covering nine colors and ten flower types, including rare varieties such as sea yellow and bean green, as well as foreign varieties such as Flower King and Sun. In addition to peonies, more than 200 peony varieties are collected in the garden, mainly including white, pink, fuchsia and other colors, and the flower types include chrysanthemum, rose, and laurel. At present, peony is at the end of the flowering period, and the peony has not yet been opened. The colorful sea of peony flowers has attracted many citizens to enjoy the flowers in the garden. The park displays peony at the same time, and also collects and displays more than ten kinds of fruit-seeding plants, such as calcium fruit, persimmon tree, begonia tree, etc., to create a landscape effect featuring spring and autumn.