Fosun Group and TPFTZ carry out in-depth strategic cooperation

稿源:津滨网   编辑:王宁   2020-04-28 08:40

On April 23, the reporter learned from the Administrative Committee of Tianjin Port Free Trade Zone (TPFTZ for short) that Fosun Group, Haihe Industry Fund and the TPFTZ have reached an initial cooperation intention in the field of biomedicine. In the future, Fosun New Drug Innovation Fund will be established in the TPFTZ, and Fosun Group will also combined with its own advantages, invested in the construction of Fosun's biomedical industry honeycomb project to promote the biomedical industry to accumulate in the TPFTZ.

It is claimed that Fosun Group was founded in 1992 and is committed to becoming the world's leading investment group focused on China's power. It has invested in Fosun Pharmaceutical, FORTE Group, Yuyuan Commercial Mall, Jianlong Group, Nangang Alliance, Zhaojin Mining Industry Co., Ltd., Hainan Mining, Yong An Insurance, Focus Media, Club Med, Folli Follie, Fosun Prudential Life Insurance and other enterprises. It is reported that Fosun Group has been deeply cultivating and developing in the TPFTZ for many years. It has built many projects such as rehabilitation and pension, Forte Lakeside Plaza, Forte Windsor Castle and other projects, and actively participated in the seagull watch industry mixed reform project. Both Fosun Group and the TPFTZ have achieved a good demonstration effect in cooperation areas.

It is reported that the Fosun New Drug Innovation Fund led by Fosun Group and jointly invested by Haihe Industrial Fund and TPFTZ will soon be launched. The fund will make full use of Fosun Group's existing global network of leading university venture capital funds and rich resources of cutting-edge biotechnology. Through the "fund investment + biomedical park + project incubation" and other models, the introduction of high-quality biomedical projects, talents and technology at home and abroad into the TPFTZ, it is expected that no fewer than three projects will be implemented in the next three years, and it strives to create a "unicorn of biomedicine". In addition, Fosun Group will build on the foundation of the fund and combine its own advantages to invest in the construction of Fosun's biomedical industry honeycomb project in the TPFTZ, including biomedical industrial parks and balanced residential projects. In the future, Fosun Group will work with the TPFTZ in biomedicine for in-depth cooperation in the industrial field.

The relevant person in charge of Fosun Group said that the TPFTZ has a good business environment, convenient transportation conditions and a pleasant ecological environment, and the development prospect and potential of the biopharmaceutical industry is huge. Fosun Group will take this cooperation as an opportunity to strengthen the support of the introduction of human culture, the inheritance of national brands and the integration of industrial culture in the TPFTZ, and continuously expand the business layout there.

At present, strategic emerging industries such as the biomedicine industry are developing rapidly in the TPFTZ, and financial innovation factors are further gathered here. The relevant person in charge of the Administrative Committee of Tianjin Port Free Trade Zone said that the in-depth cooperation with Fosun Group will inject new vitality into the international first-class biomedical industry innovation park here. In the future, the TPFTZ will continue to uphold the concept of "Industry First, Entrepreneur’s Boss", provide more convenient services for enterprises with different ownerships, cultivate a fertile ground for enterprises with a better business environment, and enhance the adsorption capacity of the biopharmaceutical industry. It will develop strategic emerging industries, make every effort to build a high-quality industrial system in TPFTZ, and promote it to create a new situation of high-quality development.