TBNA presses start button for spring school term

稿源:津滨网   编辑:王宁   2020-04-26 08:08


After experiencing the "ultra-long version" of winter vacation, on April 20, more than 20,000 junior and senior students in Tianjin Binhai New Area (TBNA for short) ushered in the resumption of classes and returned to the campus after a long absence. For this day to come, the government, schools, and families have made arduous efforts and made careful and meticulous preparations. The resumption of the class is like a special exam.

"I finally returned to the long-awaited classroom!" "I am so happy to be able to study with my classmates!" At Taiping Village Middle School in Dagang area, 158 junior and senior students from the whole school returned to the campus for classes. Although everyone was wearing a mask, the joy of seeing students for so long still overflowed from the corners of the students' eyes.

The reporter learned that in order to build a good defense for teachers and students, the TBNA organized multiple school teachers to guide the volunteers to help students return to school in time. All students must complete the temperature test, disinfection and related registration before they can enter the campus through dedicated channels. At the same time, all schools in TBNA have made great efforts to prevent and control COVID-19, comprehensively clean and eliminate classrooms, offices, canteens, dormitories and other places. Classrooms and dormitories are all "positioned" to ensure students’ safety.

In order to ensure the safety of meals, schools in TBNA have also made careful arrangements for deployment. The reporter learned in the interview that some schools lined up the students in the cafeteria at a 1-1.5 meter interval at noon, and took turns to take meals; some schools sent lunch to the classroom so students can eat directly without stepping out of the classroom.

Similarly, dormitory management also has higher requirements. The boarding staff of each school in the TBNA strictly sterilizes each dormitory every day, implements closed management such as differentiated entry and exit, student visit ban, etc., maintains ventilation, and guides students to carry out sanitation and cleaning work to build a safety defense together.

On the day of the school term, schools in the TBNA set up the "first class of school term" to carry out themed educational activities around knowledge for COVID-19 pandemic prevention and control, patriotism education, etc., to enhance students' patriotist feeling and social responsibility, and guide them to establish a correct world outlook, life outlook and values. By using the "COVID-19" as a textbook and a reference, TBNA guides teachers and students to think about life, homeland and gratitude.

In order to defend the health, schools in the TBNA also provide students with detailed information on the protection norms of various scenarios such as going to and from school, classroom, dining, lunch break, extracurricular activities, etc. through videos, exhibition boards, lectures, and exercises.

It is reported that in the first week of school, the schools in the TBNA will make careful adjustments in teaching, use the best connection points for teaching, and implement the education and teaching plan after the class. At the same time, each school will compare the course objectives, check for missing vacancies, do a good job of review consolidation and personalized guidance, and pay more attention to the students' psychological state.

In response to the special requirements for pandemic prevention, schools in the TBNA will further increase their preparations for pandemic prevention materials, and provide special training for teachers and staff on body temperature monitoring, personal protection, and environmental disinfection to provide protection for the scientific pandemic prevention work after the school starts.