Business and retail industry in TBNA gradually reopen

稿源:津滨网   编辑:王宁   2020-04-17 15:03

From the middle of March, large-scale commercial supermarkets in the Tianjin Binhai New Area (TBNA for short) began to resume orderly business, and it has been a month now. How is the operation? Is the flow of people steadily increasing? Faced with the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, how can the supermarkets drive the market to pick up? A few days ago, the reporter conducted a survey on the trade and retail industry in the TBNA.

Sales and popularity gradually pick up.

"When the group resumed business last month, the average daily flow of people was about 40% before the COVID-19 pandemic, but now the peak period is about 60% before the pandemic, and the stores are gradually returning to 'popularity.' According to people, from the sales data, the sales of home appliances, cosmetics and gold commodities are recovering relatively well, especially home appliances. Due to the demand, season and related promotional activities, sales have almost returned to the same level last year. Now when consumers come to the store to shop, they have much more clear targets than before.

In large shopping malls such as AEON MALL Tianjin TEDA Store and Binhai Wanda Plaza, although cinemas, children's indoor playgrounds and other formats have been temporarily suspended, in recent times, the average daily volume here has also recovered significantly. "Our average daily passenger flow is now returning to about 70% of the normal period. There are more than 10,000 passengers on weekdays and about 20,000 on weekends. The number of dine-in consumers is gradually increasing." The person in charge said.

Synchronized activities are ready for citizens to consume offline.

In the early period, the COVID-19 pandemic broke out, and the trade and retail industry was seriously affected. As the pandemic is gradually controlled and business is gradually restored, some business carriers in the TBNA have launched various activities on the basis of safety prevention and control to meet the shopping needs of the citizens, promote offline consumption, and activate the business atmosphere in the new area.

"During this period, we communicate with brand owners every day, hoping to gradually restore the popularity and sales of the park in a special period, while doing a good job in safety prevention and control. Recently, sports brands such as Adidas and Nike have launched a discount. The promotional activities have greatly boosted overall sales and brought popularity to the park. The current passenger flow at the store has almost returned to 60-70% before the pandemic, with almost 2,000 people on weekdays and 3,000 or 4,000 people on Saturday and Sunday.” Relevant person in charge of the marketing department of an outlet said.

In Binhai Wanda Plaza, the “Discount Coupons for All” was launched. From April 1 to April 30, 400 copies will be issued every day for 30 consecutive days with a total amount of 600,000. One can enter the Binhai Wanda Mini Program to participate in the carousel lottery draw, or scan the scene to participate in the shake, one will have a chance to get a discount coupon. "Apparel and catering merchants in the store have a very high degree of participation, and this activity has also responded very well among the citizens, which has played an effective role in restoring the popularity of the store." The relevant person in charge of Binhai Wanda Plaza said.

Live streaming "cloud shopping" effectively raises awareness.

The reporter learned that in recent times, in addition to doing offline activities, major commercial and retail stores in the TBNA have also unlocked Douyin's "cloud shopping" and used various channels like live broadcasting to promote sales.

"We specially developed a WeChat applet. Every day, consumers can see multiple detailed product displays. They can shop without going out, watch products online, and ask questions and interact with each other. Recently, our online turnover is quite good. According to statistics, online live broadcast sales can account for 10% of the group's overall sales." The relevant person in charge of Jinyuanbao Group said that live broadcast and grass got rid of the previous sales model that relied on offline experience shopping and realized the offline to online.

In Yoa Outlet, there are more than 3 online live broadcasts in the park every day, and almost all the brands in the park participate. "Every Friday night, the group headquarters will also conduct a "Super Friday" large-scale live broadcast, many brands will launch spikes, 0 yuan buying and other activities. In fact, the recent live broadcasts have also brought good sales to the park. For example, last week, a consumer purchased 50,000 yuan of related goods for his/her unit by watching the live broadcast of the brand in the park." The relevant person in charge told reporters.