Dongjiang functional innovation reduces burden on enterprises

稿源:津滨网   编辑:王宁   2020-04-15 15:40

Under the pressure of strict prevention of overseas import cases of COVID-19, Dongjiang Free Trade Port, as a coastal open economic zone, is taking practical actions to reduce the burden of business operations. Yesterday, the reporter learned from the Administrative Committee of Dongjiang FTP that in the first quarter of this year, Dongjiang FTP completed 1,389 non-bonded goods, with a value of 812 million yuan and a year-on-year increase of 22%.

Revitalizing resources and reducing operating costs for enterprises

It is claimed that "classified supervision" is an important measure for the Tianjin Pilot Free Trade Zone to increase the level of trade facilitation. It refers to the regulatory system that allows non-bonded goods to enter the customs special supervision area for storage, participate in consolidation and distribution together with the bonded goods, and finally determine the actual departure of the goods for export or return to the domestic area according to the domestic purchase order, which can effectively activate idle storage resources of enterprises in the area to reduce their storage costs, logistics costs, and labor costs.

Since the promotion of classified supervision, the administrative committee of Dongjiang FTP has actively cooperated with Dongjiang Customs. Since August 2019, the classification supervision model has been applied to the international transfer and consolidation business of cross-border areas, which has realized the collection and distribution of export bounded goods with onshore goods.

"At present, the types of goods involved mainly include frozen meat, aquatic products, maternal and infant products, dairy products, red wine, automobiles, and mechanical accessories. Among them, frozen meat and aquatic products have the highest number of tickets and the value of goods, and effectively activate the cold chain storage in enterprise inventory capacity." Relevant person in charge of Dongjiang Free Trade Port said.

"The unified warehouse management system of classified supervision, compared with the original two warehouse management systems, can reduce the labor cost by more than 30%. And at the same time, the company has accelerated the efficiency of distribution and transactions." The person in charge of Tianjin Yuanchu Supply Chain Management Co., Ltd. introduced to the reporter that the company was the first pilot enterprise in Dongjiang FTP to carry out classified supervision business.

Innovative model to improve the level of trade facilitation

It is claimed that the Dongjiang FTP is the earliest Tianjin port classification supervision pilot and the most approved special customs supervision area. Currently, 10 enterprises in the FTP have been approved for classification supervision. The non-guaranteed storage area is 24,437 square meters. From January to December last year, Dongjiang classified supervision pilot enterprises completed a total of 7,150 non-bonded goods entering the zone, with a value of RMB 3.085 billion.

It is claimed that based on the existing business, Dongjiang FTP will continue to deepen reforms, innovate business models, improve the warehousing, distribution, and delivery functions of the bonded port area, introduce a new concept of intelligent customs clearance, and help Dongjiang logistics and warehousing industry transform and upgrade. "We will also continue to solve the key and difficult issues in the operation of the enterprise by listening to the demands of related companies, and further improve the level of regional trade facilitation." The relevant person in charge said.