TEDA Speed! Birth of Thermometer Company in 480 hours

稿源:津滨网   编辑:王宁   2020-04-14 10:49


After 480 hours of intensive preparations, the first “forehead temperature gun” production line in Tianjin Economic-technological Development Area (abbreviated as TEDA) built by Tianjin Boman Medical Technology Co., Ltd. was officially put into operation on April 1, and the current daily output can reach 10,000.

The “forehead temperature gun” is also called a hand-held infrared thermometer, which measures body temperature by absorbing infrared radiation energy emitted by the human body. It has the characteristics of avoiding cross infection and fast temperature measurement. It is more suitable for screening work in crowded places such as hospitals, schools, and stations. At present, the COVID-19 prevention materials are tight, and the temperature gun has become a scarce resource. Boman Medical Technology has also established contacts with multiple supply factories due to business needs, but few factories can deliver smoothly so the founding team of Boman Medical Technology, which has production management experience, put forward the bold idea of "if unavailable, make your own", and immediately started the project preparation team to start the intense preparations day and night.

Due to the difficulty in supplying raw materials during COVID-19 prevention and control, in order to complete the production as soon as possible, the members of the Boman medical team ran continuously for more than 40,000 kilometers in less than 20 days, contacted nearly 100 suppliers, and only rested for three or four hours a day, or even shuttle between 5 cities in one day, just to be able to put into production one day earlier.

"I rushed to the TEDA Market Supervision Administration to submit the relevant materials at 3:40 pm already, but what I did not expect was that the company got the business license that day! I personally experience the supportive services TEDA provided to companies like us who supply to the medical frontline. "Liu Zhanguo, head of the Boman Medical Factory, said.

According to Zhen Lin, the administrative personnel manager of Boman Medical Technology, during the project preparation period, a recruitment announcement released by the head of the company in the circle of friends caught the attention of Yang Nan, the Business Environment Division of the Enterprise Service Bureau of the TEDA. The person in charge of the bureau made a report, and then took the initiative to get in touch with the company to understand its specific difficulties and coordinated the whole process from site selection to production approval.

It is claimed that during the planning and construction of the production workshop of the enterprise, the staff of the First Supervision Office of the Municipal Drug Administration also gave the enterprise guidance for many times, fully promoted the enterprise to form production capacity as soon as possible, and further promoted the accelerated production of the enterprise. After the product raw materials are in place, the company is faced with the problem of employment. The Human Resources and Social Development Bureau of the TEDA provides human resources supply for Boman Medical Technology through two means: job posting on two air recruitment platforms and the organization of human resources in the human resources agencies in the TEDA area, while compiling the relevant policy guidelines for human resources and social security that companies can enjoy for the first time. With the joint efforts of multiple parties, the human resources needs of the company have been met in the shortest time. The TEDA Emergency Bureau helps enterprises to integrate products into the TEDA emergency supplies procurement platform, which facilitates the enterprises in the area to make purchases. In addition, it also helps enterprises connect to other market channels.

Sun Chengwen, Director of the R & D Technology Department of Boman Medical Technology, said: "since the outbreak of corona virus, the company has actively responded to the call of the country and TEDA to move quickly to transform scientific and technological productivity into "anti-epidemic" forces. It took 20 days to complete the process from the establishment of the factory to the start of production. The TEDA people once again demonstrated the "TEDA speed". During this period, they felt the temperature and speed of TEDA service more deeply. TEDA Enterprise Service Department created convenient and excellent access for the rapid production of the enterprise.

At present, overseas epidemics are becoming more and more serious. Boman Medical Technology said that it is already in the process of research and development of second-generation products.