Tianjin Port: Strengthening functions as an International Cold Chain Hub

稿源:津滨网   编辑:王宁   2020-03-26 09:19

Tianjin Port Group regards the fighting against COVID-19 pandemic, safeguarding people's livelihood, and promoting development as the top priorities, fully utilizes the port's pivotal role in the international supply chain, and goes all out to protect the "safety on the table" of the people and ensure the smooth and adequate supply of the market. On March 22, the "Mediterranean Brunella" container ship was loaded with 3323 TEUs of imported refrigerated containers and berthed at Tianjin Port Pacific International Container Terminal, setting a new record for receiving and unloading cold container cargo on a single ship in China's ports.

It is claimed that refrigerated containers can maintain a certain low temperature and are suitable for the transportation and storage of various perishable foods. They are called "nobles" in containers. Affected by the COVID-19 pandemic, during the Spring Festival, a large number of imported refrigerated containers at major ports in China were stranded and congested.

In response to this, Tianjin Port Group invested more than 13 million yuan to complete the expansion and reconstruction of the reefer container yard. The terminal yard storage capacity increased by 60%, and the cold storage capacity of the rear yard was fully utilized while the overall port capacity increased by 80%. At the same time, with the strong support of the customs, the customs clearance process has been optimized, and the import refrigerated containers have been "lifted directly by the ship" to further speed up the customs clearance and circulation of refrigerated containers, effectively alleviate the problem of unsmoothing, and provide a strong guarantee for the circulation of imported meat products.

Meng Qingzhu, Deputy General Manager of Tianjin Port Co., Ltd., told reporters that the refrigerated container throughput capacity is an important indicator of a world-class hub port. On February 24 this year, Tianjin Port Group issued an "Open Letter to Global Container Liners" to global shipping companies, solemnly pledged to further enhance the loading and unloading capabilities and port evacuation capabilities, and welcomed the container liner companies to detain overseas companies. Refrigerators were arranged for picking up and unloading at Tianjin Port. Since the outbreak of COVID-19 pandemic, Tianjin Port has received and unloaded nearly 35,000 TEUs of refrigerated containers. Since this year, it has completed more than 10,000 TEUs of the “ship-side direct lift” business, which has saved customers about 20 million yuan in costs and expenses, which has satisfied consumer demand in the “Three Northern” region. According to relevant data, from January to February 2020, Tianjin Port imported 43,000 TEUs of refrigerated containers, ranking among the top ports in the country.

"In the near future, Tianjin Port Group will also launch a series of powerful measures to accelerate the expansion and transformation of the reefer container yard and double the storage capacity of the terminal as compared with the beginning of this year; it will continue to optimize the process, reduce logistics costs, and further strengthen the international cold chain. The hub function provides safe and high-quality imported food for Beijing, Tianjin, Hebei and northern China." Said Liu Qingshun, vice president of Tianjin Port Group.