Dagang Wetland and Hangu Wetland to be selected as nature reserves

稿源:津滨网   编辑:王宁   2020-03-26 09:19

The reporter learned from the Tianjin Eco-Environment Bureau that 2020 will be the decisive year for the comprehensive management of the Bohai Sea. Tianjin will accelerate the construction of a beautiful bay with clear water, green shores, clear beaches and beautiful bays, and resolutely fight four tough battles. According to the requirements, this city will select Dagang Wetland and Hangu Wetland as nature reserves, determine the list and area of important wetlands in batches, and implement coastal wetland classification protection. We will implement wetland restoration on the west side of Harbor New City and wetlands on the left bank of the estuary of Yongding Xinhe River, rehabilitation of Dongdi Road Landscape Corridor and a number of shoreline and beach improvement projects.

Tianjin will carry out "investigation, testing, retrospection, and treatment" to fight the battle for rectification of the sea drains. Investigation means “examination”, carrying out inspection of key drainage outlets, and improving the list of sewage outlets entering the sea; testing means “monitoring”, conducting water quality monitoring of sewage outlets to the sea, and grasping the status of pollutant discharge; retrospection means finding the source and outlets with poor water quality which shall be traced to the source to analyze all sources of pollution. The treatment refers to "remediation" and will be classified and pushed into the sea sewage outfall according to the "one mouth, one policy" requirement.

Tianjin will carry out "clearing, controlling, establishing, and raising" to fight against fishery pollution. Clearing refers to "cleaning up" and carrying out cleanup and rectification of illegal and non-compliant marine control aquaculture; controlling refers to "controlled farming", which will control the scale of coastal aquaculture, and the area of marine aquatic ponds and salt farms will be controlled within 3,000 hectares ; establishing refers to the “standard setting”, and it will formulate the “Marine Aquaculture Tailwater Pollutant Discharge Standards” and “Marine Aquaculture Pollution Control Plan” to standardize the pollution control of marine aquaculture; raising means “enhancing”, and it will complete 15 marine industrialized aquaculture construction of tail water treatment facilities to achieve tail water discharge up to standard, upgrade and renovate 5 fishing port pollution prevention facilities, and comprehensively prevent and control fishing port environmental pollution.

Tianjin will carry out "planning, defending, rehabilitating, and raising", and fight well for ecological protection and restoration. Planning refers to “delimitation”, and it selects Tianjin Dagang Wetland and Hangu Wetland as nature reserves, determines the list and area of important wetlands in batches, and implements the protection of coastal wetlands by classification; defending means defending the bottom line of resource development, implementation of the most stringent reclamation and shoreline development control measures to ensure that the natural coastline is not less than 18 kilometers and the retention rate is not less than 5%; rehabilitating refers to "repair". The west side of Harbor New City will implement wetland restoration, wetland restoration on the left bank of the Yongding Xinhe Estuary, Dongdi Road Landscape Corridor and a number of shoreline and beach improvement projects to ensure that the size of coastal wetlands to be restored is not less than 400 hectares, and the number of newly restored shorelines is not less than 4 kilometers; raising refers to "maintenance". It will continue to increase the conservation of marine biological resources and the proliferation and release of various types of marine biological seed is not less than 1.5 billion units, reducing the number of marine fishing licenses so the reduction in 2020 is not lower than 24% than that of 2015.

Tianjin will carry out "building, making, showing, and managing" and fight well for the construction of the bay-length system. Building means "establishing". It will establish and improve the bay-length organization system and create a complete chain of responsibility for the supervision of the ecological environment of the bay; making refers to “setting up”. Showing refers to “demonstrating”. It will uniformly establish the public notice board, which will indicate the name of the bay master, bay master’s position, jurisdiction, supervision telephone and other information, and accept social supervision; managing refers to “regulating” the inspection and supervision of key objects such as fishing ports, wharves, marine aquaculture areas, garbage storage sites, coastal engineering, marine engineering, ecological red line areas, environmental risk sources, etc., with focus on solving outstanding environmental problems in the bay.