TEDA No.1 and No.2 Stadium re-opened on March 28

稿源:津滨网   编辑:王宁   2020-03-26 09:10


On March 28, TEDA No.1 Stadium and TEDA No.2 Stadium will reopen. Yesterday, the reporter saw at the TEDA No.2 Stadium that the staff were cleaning and disinfecting the venue. "In order to welcome the opening of the venue, especially in terms of sanitation and disinfection, we prepared in advance to provide everyone with a hygienic, clean sports and fitness place." The relevant person in charge of TEDA No.2 Stadium told reporters that the cleaning staff was divided into three groups – each group captures an area and uses professional equipment to clean and disinfect sports equipment. At the same time, after the stadium is opened, according to the actual frequency and density of the equipment, it will focus on the regular disinfection and elimination of the parts of the exerciser's hands that touch the equipment.