Ten measures for civil affairs formulated in TBNA to guarantee people’s livelihood

稿源:津滨网   编辑:王宁   2020-03-22 11:16

A few days ago, the reporter learned from the video work conference of the District Civil Affairs Bureau that the Tianjin Binhai New Area (TBNA for short) formulated the Implementation Plan for Safeguarding the Difficulties during the Prevention and Control of COVID-19 Epidemic " in the TBNA to coordinate and advance the prevention and control of the epidemic in various civil affairs.

Specific measures include: simplifying the social assistance approval process, decentralizing approval authority, delegating temporary assistance approval authority to all towns and cities, and completing emergency review and approval within 24 hours after application for emergency-type temporary assistance objects that meet relevant regulations; suspension of social assistance, family dynamic management. After the epidemic is alleviated, it will conduct a comprehensive review of the rescued and rescued targets and strengthen the dynamic management; it has strengthened the active visits and timely help of the poor people, and carried out "full coverage" investigation of the poor people in the TBNA; In time for assistance, the District Civil Affairs Bureau and the temporary assistance hotlines for all streets and towns were announced and opened to simplify the work process.

In addition, the measures also include video authorization to check the family's economic status; it fully protects the basic needs of special groups; it increases assistance for homeless beggars; it does a good job of helping migrants in need; it strengthens funding and material security; it conducts extensive Social assistance policy propaganda and other aspects, in order to play a good role in TBNA's livelihood security, weaving a "safety net" tightly and firmly.