Fishermen in Bestown return to work: Fresh seafood is here!

稿源:津滨网   编辑:王宁   2020-03-20 14:47

At about 3 am on March 16, the fishermen Lao Zhang and his wife and children who had just returned to work had already sailed fishing boats. They set off from the Bestown fishing port wharf to fishing operations around the sea, and did not return to the wharf until noon that day.


After returning to work, Lao Zhang's heart was very low. "There is no stock in the market, but it hasn't been to the sea for a long time. No one can say what the situation is." At 11:00 am, Lao Zhang had a whole boat of seafood such as cormorant, conch, and spiny head fish and then came back. As soon as the ship docked, fresh goods from the entire ship were snapped up by wholesalers. Lao Zhang told reporters that recently it was a good time to eat conch and spiny head fish. After a few days, there will be more shrimp, and I believe his business will become better and better.

Lao Zhang, a 40-year-old, is from Henan Province. When he was young, he followed the old fishermen to go fishing. He was an experienced fisherman. In recent years, Lao Zhang’s family has settled in Tianjin Binhai New Area (TBNA for short). He bought fishing boats, and the hard-earned money from fishing in the sea is also an important source of income for his family.

During the Spring Festival this year, Lao Zhang's family stayed in the TBNA for the Lunar New Year. After safety inspections were conducted in the street community, and fishing port supervision and other relevant departments carried out witness verification and related inspections on boarding personnel, Lao Zhang could resume work. Of course, their entire family is also well equipped with masks and other protections, and they also need to take a temperature test at Bestown Fishing Port Pier before going out to sea every day.

Because it is still in the epidemic prevention and control period, at present, Bestown Fishing Port Terminal is not open to tourists, and it does not yet accept individual passengers. From time to time, there are workers on the dock to disinfect and clean, and fishermen and dock operators wear masks to work. At about 12 noon, the reporter saw at the Bestown fishing port wharf that more than a dozen fishing boats returned to the wharf one after another, and some ship-owners who have resumed work are repairing the net and repairing the vessel.

It is claimed that in order to ensure that the CIVID-19 epidemic does not occur in the ship-shore interactive process or spread at sea, fishermen who want to resume operations must conduct strict inspections, and returnees from other places should register in the street community for 14 days to quarantine at their homes before applying for resumption of work.

At present, due to effective prevention and control measures and the protection of fishing vessels in the sea, nearly 30 individual fishing vessels have been operating in the Bestown area. Seafood products salvaged by fishermen have not been retailed recently, and they are sold directly to wholesalers and sold to TBNA and Tianjin.

Yang Baoli, president of the Bestown Fisheries Association, told reporters that in order to ensure the safety and health of the fishermen and the normal order of fishery production, the fishermen in Bestown strictly regulate the operation of the sea in accordance with the relevant regulations. It will require all fishing boat operators and crew members in the area to take a body temperature test, and in accordance with the "Notice of the Office of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs on Doing a Good Job in Preventing and Controlling the COVID-19 Infection of Fishing Boat and Fishermen”, it will implement the various tasks of precision and resumption of production by zoning and classification.

Affected by the COVID-19 epidemic this year, more than 200 fishing boats in the Bestown area have docked at the Bestown Fishing Port terminal before the Spring Festival in accordance with the requirements for epidemic prevention and control, and have never carried out fishing operations. After the resumption of work and production, the Bestown Fisheries Association has also continuously strengthened its control over docks, fishing boats and fishermen. According to the actual conditions of fishermen's production, in accordance with the general requirements of “vessel seaworthiness, crew competence, and personal identification”, while resuming the fishing vessel's working conditions, working measures, and organizing acceptance inspections, it is important to verify the crew roster and duties of the fishing vessel report of departure, the crew and the health of the crew, strictly implement the epidemic prevention and control measures, prepare sufficient protective equipment, carefully check the fishing boat and crew certificates, communications and navigation, fire rescue equipment, and grasp the safety of fishery production and epidemic prevention and control from the departure.