Dongjiang FTP has redeemed 140 million yuan of industrial support funds

稿源:津滨网   编辑:王宁   2020-03-19 09:14

In order to help the enterprises in the area to resume production and operation, Dongjiang Free Trade Port Area recently introduced 21 measures for benefiting enterprises. The reporter learned that since the Spring Festival, as of March 13, Dongjiang FTP has redeemed a total of 140 million yuan in industrial support funds for 138 sub-enterprises, and used real money to help companies to solve their problems.

It is reported that Dongjiang FTP has actively implemented the "21 Benefiting Enterprises" policy, focusing on providing enterprise warehouse support, labor support, financial lease cost support, and terminal storage fee support. In order to "transduce blood" to enterprises as soon as possible, the Administrative Committee of Dongjiang FTP quickly started the online application of funds after the promulgation of the benefiting enterprise policy, and reduced the number of approval nodes from the original 12 to 5 online ones. The industrial support funds redeemed this time went to enterprises in various fields such as logistics, finance, trade, and culture.

Up to now, of the 578 "enterprises with four indicators above designated size" in Dongjiang FTP, 572 have been operating normally and resumed, with a return rate of 99%.