Two companies in Dongjiang FTP have obtained the first batch of online freight licenses in Tianjin

稿源:津滨网   编辑:王宁   2020-03-19 09:14

Recently, Tianjin Changjiu Zhiyun Technology Co., Ltd. and Tietie Smart Logistics (Tianjin) Co., Ltd., which are located in the Dongjiang Free Trade Port Area, have been approved by Tianjin as the first batch of network freight operation qualifications. At present, various types of smart logistics companies have gathered in Dongjiang FTP, and gradually formed a trend of three types of arrows: traditional logistics, industrial background, and Internet technology. The long-term intellectual transportation and rail-rail logistics that have obtained business qualifications are typical representative of the growth of traditional logistics-type and industrial background-type smart logistics enterprises.

Changjiu Zhiyun is a typical transformation of the traditional logistics head enterprises to "Internet + Logistics". Its parent company, Changjiu Logistics Co., Ltd. is the largest third-party vehicle logistics company in China. Long-term logistics has been deeply cultivated in the industry for many years, and actively uses the Internet technology to empower the development of modern logistics industry, which has set a benchmark for the country.

Tietie Logistics is wholly-owned by a supply chain company under the Fortune Global 500 Iron & Steel Group. Hesteel Group is one of the largest steel material manufacturing and integrated service providers in China, with industries spanning mining resources, financial securities, modern logistics, steel trade, and equipment manufacturing. Relying on the background of a strong industrial group, Tietie Logistics fully utilizes its own supply and financial strength to extend the industrial chain, builds an industrial ecosystem, and activates the value creation function of the industrial chain, which has unique advantages.

It is claimed that the Dongjiang Free Trade Port actively promotes the innovation of the smart logistics industry, attracting more than 70 smart logistics companies.