Chadian Street will increase the planting area of vegetables by 70 acres

稿源:津滨网   编辑:王宁   2020-03-14 09:01

"The freshly harvested Pleurotus ostreatus generally has a water content of more than 90%, and the tissue is crisp and tender so it is very susceptible to aging and deterioration. I worry about sales." "Rest assured, now that demand exceeds supply, I will worry about low production and no problem in sales." A few days ago, the Chadian Street Anti-epidemic Agriculture and Rural Group came to the mushroom greenhouse of Huaxing Grape Planting Cooperative to discuss the problems encountered in mushroom cultivation with Qi Pinghua, a massive grower.

In order to fully implement the spring plough preparation work and resolutely win the fight against epidemic prevention and control, the Chadian Sub-district Office formed the Chadian Street Anti-epidemic Agriculture and Rural Team to actively support and help the orderly progress of agricultural production in the area under control and stabilize the agricultural and rural economic development, to ensure that the pandemic prevention and control and spring ploughing work are both proceeding. During the pandemic prevention and control, Chadian Street will increase the planting area of vegetables by 70 acres, and make every effort to ensure a stable supply of fruits and vegetables.

Daily village guidance service

"We have consulted an expert for you. The expert said that the low mushroom production is related to the recent weather. We need to strengthen the management of the existing mushroom sticks and pay close attention to weather changes."

This agricultural and rural group goes to the village every day to research and guide, to find out the facility agricultural production in the area under their jurisdiction, accurately grasp the production capacity, strengthen guidance services and support for fruit and vegetable production entities such as agricultural facility parks, and effectively grasp the winter and spring agricultural production. According to market demand, it guides farmers to rationally adjust the planting structure, and increase the proportion of fast-growing leafy vegetables such as rapeseed while guiding farmers to harvest in a timely manner, ensuring the normal production of vegetables as well as a stable supply of fruits and vegetables.

Expanding the scale of vegetable production

After mapping research, there are a total of 11 related agricultural facilities parks in the area, and 7 parks involve grape planting and production while a total of 159 acres of greenhouse grapes, which have entered the pre-flowering stage. Production includes: Tianjin Ailu Agricultural Technology Co., Ltd., 23 vegetable greenhouses, 200 kg of vegetables per day, 3 strawberry greenhouses, 50 kg of strawberries; Yiguangju Science and Technology Park, 22 vegetable greenhouses, 300 kg of vegetables; Huaxing Grapes Professional Planting Cooperative, 20 mushroom greenhouses, 1500 kg of mushrooms per day; Overseer Park Central Park, 2 strawberry greenhouses, 25 kg of strawberries, 2 vegetable greenhouses, 80 kg of vegetables; Qingfeng Yongxiang Agricultural Planting Co., Ltd., 3 strawberry greenhouses with a daily output of 45 kg; a total of 2,200 kg of fruit and vegetables per day. In order to improve the vegetable supply capacity, the agricultural and rural group sent special personnel to provide technical guidance in the park to expand the scale of vegetable production and increase vegetable output.

Ensuring smooth transportation of agricultural materials

This street actively carries out agricultural material dispatching work, establishes agricultural material information dispatching system, strengthens communication with farmers, agricultural material production enterprises, and distribution points, effectively grasps the production, demand, and reserve of agricultural materials such as spring ploughing seeds, accurately grasps the agricultural material supply dynamically, and scientifically formulates a reserve plan, investigates whether there are problems with the inventory, demand, and purchase of 9 agricultural-related villages and 15 agricultural resources in the jurisdiction, and determines the demand for agricultural resources in each village. At the same time, in order to avoid risks, the street also encourages farm-owned stores, big planters, and farmers to follow the developments in real time and start as soon as possible. The villages were notified to strictly implement the relevant transportation requirements of the Ministry of Transport and ensure the smooth transportation of agricultural materials such as seeds, fertilizers and pesticides required for spring ploughing.