Emerging Foreign Trade Industry in TBNA Realized Full Resumption of Work and Production

稿源:津滨网   编辑:王宁   2020-03-12 09:12

In the past few days, Tianjin Binhai New Area (TBNA for short), while continuing the COVID-19 epidemic prevention, has been actively doing a good job of resuming production and restarting services in emerging foreign trade industries, helping enterprises solve practical difficulties, and promoting the development of parallel imported cars, used car exports, and cross-border e-commerce. The reporter learned yesterday from the District Commerce and Investment Promotion Bureau that as of now, the pilot enterprises of parallel import cars and second-hand car exports in the TBNA have achieved 100% remote office resumption, and key cross-border e-commerce platforms while warehousing companies have resumed work.

According to the relevant person in charge of the Commerce and Investment Promotion Bureau of the district, in the recent period, the TBNA has taken multiple measures to help new-type foreign trade enterprises overcome difficulties. For example, capital loans are the most concerned issue for emerging foreign trade companies. On the basis of a thorough investigation of the industry, the District Commerce and Investment Promotion Bureau has taken the initiative to cooperate with SPDB, Bank of China, China CITIC Bank, Bohai Bank, etc. in response to the rising operating costs due to the COVID-19 epidemic, difficult capital turnover, and poor information on online financing channels. Banks and other 7 financial institutions contacted and launched a series of online financing inclusive policies such as "easy tax loans", "financial loans" and "Boye loans". At the same time, TBNA will give full play to the role of parallel imported cars (used car exports) and cross-border e-commerce association platforms, and actively promote them to enterprises through online channels such as WeChat public account and WeChat group, to assist companies in peer-to-peer and financial institutions to carry out online financing and help enterprises overcome obstacles. "In the recent period, we have also actively encouraged parallel import car pilot companies to publish information on vehicle models for sale and preferential policies through websites, WeChat groups, public accounts, etc., and conduct online interactive docking of wholesale and retail. Currently, hundreds of units have been sold. At the same time, second-hand car export pilot companies have also widely expanded domestic and overseas car collection and sales channels through online channels. At present, the total number of enterprise reserve orders has exceeded 200. "The person in charge told reporters. In addition, the TBNA will make full use of the network to conduct cross-border e-commerce remote training and teaching activities, and encourage foreign trade production enterprises to conduct online business cooperation with well-known cross-border e-commerce platforms to find new markets, new models, and new opportunities.