Financial Leasing Industry in TBNA Leads Innovation

稿源:津滨网   编辑:王宁   2020-01-06 10:51

The financial leasing industry, as a new type of financial business that integrates financing with IOT, trade and technology updates, and which is most closely integrated with the real economy, plays a significant role in promoting industrial transformation and upgrading and optimizing resource allocation. In the upcoming 2019, due to various factors, the financial leasing industry has also entered an adjustment period. At the "China Leasing Annual Conference 2019" held yesterday, domestic and foreign experts and scholars conducted in-depth discussions on how the lease industry will achieve high-quality development in the future.

The industry enters adjustment period with coexistence of opportunities and challenges.

Since the beginning of this year, with changes in the global economic situation, the leasing industry has also encountered some challenges and problems, and has entered an adjustment period. According to statistics, as of the end of September this year, the total number of financial leasing companies nationwide was approximately 12073, an increase of 296 from the end of the previous year, an increase of 2.5%; the total registered capital of national financial leasing companies was approximately 3,330.9 billion yuan, an increase of 54.7 billion yuan from the end of last year, an increase of 1.6%. Regardless of the number of enterprises or the total registered capital, the growth rate is narrowing.

During the industrial adjustment period, it can be said that opportunities and challenges coexist. "For leasing companies, under the current situation, we must conduct solid business research. There are actually many opportunities in the current structural transformation. We must deeply study and research the industry. After researching the industry chain, we will find different leasing products and leasing structure to have individual characteristics, together with strong competitiveness and profitability. "Said Zhang Zhongdong, full-time deputy director of the Administrative Committee of Tianjin Pilot Free Trade Zone.

In the eyes of Zhou Maoqing, vice chairman of the Financial Leasing Research Base of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences and chairman of the Beijing Research Institute for Reform and Development, it is important to practice internal skills during the adjustment period. At present, in the development of the leasing industry, there are problems such as homogeneous competition. To this end, it is also necessary to continue to explore leasing, subdivide the business areas, and take a professional and differentiated operation route. "For example, industry differentiation, customer differentiation, and product differentiation are all compulsory courses for the industry to practice internal skills in the future. Of course, the premise of doing this is to have a group of professional and multi-caliber talents," he said.

Reform kinetic energy is released so that TBNA can have a strong role in innovation and leadership.

The reporter learned that the Binhai New Area, which is the gathering area of China's financial leasing industry, has maintained domestic leadership in the number of enterprises and asset scale for many years. During the current adjustment period of the financial leasing industry, it also gave full play to the role of innovation and led the favorable policies. The leasing industry in TBNA is constantly expanding new space for development, accelerating the cultivation of new leasing formats and moving forward in adjustment.

Dongjiang Free Trade Port Zone has issued the first leasing customs regulations, completed the off-site commissioned supervision of large-scale helicopter leasing customs, and provided a powerful driving force for industrial development. At the same time, new leasing formats and leasing models are continually gathering in TBNA. For example, Dongjiang has completed the country's first batch of exporting automobiles in the form of financing leases, and the first batch of 35 tractors has completed customs clearance at the Inner Mongolia Port. The completion of this single business has further promoted the exploration and reform of the export model of the financial lease industry in Dongjiang and broadened the financing channels for serving the countries along the “Belt and Road” Initiative. At present, the leasing objects of the financial leasing industry in TBNA have expanded to new areas such as rail transit, medical equipment, new energy and new materials, automobiles, and cultural intangible assets, and basically achieved full coverage of the main business areas of leasing. 

At the same time, TBNA has always been committed to creating a good regulatory environment and development environment for the leasing industry. "In terms of supervision, we have promulgated local financial supervision and management regulations, issued guidance on supervision of the leasing industry, and continuously improved the supervision system. With the help of financial technology, big data, cloud computing and other means, we have established a local financial organization supervision system and continuous improvement for supervision capabilities. Strict supervision measures have significantly increased the cost of violating the law, effectively maintained market order, created a fair and lawful market environment, and gave everyone visible fairness," said Zhang Yingjie, president of Tianjin Leasing Industry Association.

It is claimed that in the future, TBNA will further benchmark the practices of countries such as Ireland and Singapore to create an upgraded version of the leasing industry, and continue to make progress in policy upgrades, environmental upgrades, and business upgrades, continue to stimulate passion of enterprises, and build a high-quality centrally positioned financial innovation operation demonstration area and a national lease innovation demonstration area.