Multiple scientific research projects in TBNA included in China's annual marine development report

稿源:津滨网   编辑:王宁   2020-01-06 10:50

The reporter learned from the District Development and Reform Commission yesterday that a number of marine economic research projects supported by the Tianjin Binhai New Area (TBNA for short) were included in the China Marine Development Report (2019), which marked that TBNA has achieved obvious results in the "13th Five-Year" marine economic innovation and development demonstration city while some scientific research projects have filled the domestic gap.

The China Marine Development Report (2019) states that in February 2018, China's deep-water lifting pipe-laying vessel "Offshore Oil 201" successfully completed the laying of 195 km of submarine pipelines in the North Gulf area of the South China Sea, filling domestic demand. The long-distance submarine operation was blank; in February 2018, the "Port and Navigation Flat 9" multifunctional offshore jack-up construction platform ship representing the highest level of China's current offshore wind power construction equipment was delivered for use. The platform ship's 9600 mm integral slewing bearing application is the highest in the world. In April 2018, the super-large 1900 kJ double-acting full-hydraulic pile driver independently developed by China successfully completed a full-load impact test in Tianjin. This equipment filled China's super-large pile at sea. The gap in the equipment field has broken the long-term monopoly of similar foreign products in one fell swoop. The multi-functional offshore construction jack-up platform research and development and industrial chain construction mentioned in the report, the collaborative innovation and engineering application demonstration of the kilometer-level deep water submarine pipeline laying industry chain, and the industrialization of super-large key construction equipment for marine resource development are all new projects in TBNA. During the Three Five-Year Plan period, the marine economy innovation and development demonstration city project library will support the project.