TBNA accelerates healthcare industry

稿源:津滨网   编辑:王宁   2019-12-13 14:12

A few days ago, the 2019 Eco-city Elite Enterprise Forum and Eco-city Health Industry Forum hosted by Tianjin Eco-city Industrial Park Operation Management Co., Ltd. and Tianjin Eco-city Cultural Creative Industry Association were held in the National Animation Industrial Park. More than a hundred entrepreneurs gathered in Tianjin Binhai New Area (TBNA for short) to discuss the future development path of medicine and healthcare industry.

TBNA develops the healthcare industry.

The reporter learned that the healthcare industry in the medical field covers medical services such as biomedicine, health restoration, and medical equipment, which is broader than the concept of the traditional pharmaceutical industry.

The biomedicine industry is one of the key industries that TBNA strives to develop. After years of cultivation, it has gathered a number of professional platforms and related companies. This has provided a solid foundation for Binhai New Area's biomedicine industry to accelerate its expansion from pure medical research and development to healthcare industrial foundation.

During the interview, the reporter learned that companies with a strong background in biomedicine and biotechnology, such as Tianjin Robustnique Biotechnology Co., Ltd., Tianjin Boying Biotechnology Co., Ltd., Zhongyuan Xiehe Cell Genetic Engineering Co., Ltd., are targeting the field of skin repair, and R & D of skin care products. In addition, Tianjin Hezhi Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. and HaoLing Cell Technologies Corporation have also launched their own large health industries.

Not only that, Tianjin Joint Academy for Biomedicine (the TJAB for short), as a beautiful business card for the biomedical industry in TBNA, has also begun to lead the development of healthcare products. Under the leadership of the TJAB, a number of high-quality platforms such as Chinese and British medical and health industry bases, Tianjin Industrial Bio-Industrial Technology Research Institute, Tianjin Pharmaceutical Research Institute, Sino-German Biotechnology and Medical Device Industrial Park, Kyushu Tonglugu Biomedical Healthcare Industry are building nests in TBNA and also constantly absorbing high-quality large-scale health industry projects, to form an ecological accumulation force for the large-scale healthcare industry in TBNA.

Today, TBNA has gathered a number of representative companies such as Dana Bio, Zhongfu Elderly Care, Peking University Tianjin Medical Center, Taikang Group, etc., covering subdivisions of the health industry such as biomedicine, medical services, healthcare products, health management, smart elderly care and health insurance, which have become an important driving force for Binhai New Area to accelerate its entry into the industrial blue ocean.

Cutting-edge technology helps industry break through.

The reporter noticed that although the TBNA has formed a relatively concentrated large-scale healthcare industry ecology, in terms of product quality and technical strength, it still has a big gap with the “head” players such as Beijing and Shanghai. Therefore, from the perspective of participating experts, the use of cutting-edge technology may be a path to break through.

"Artificial intelligence, smart medicine, the Internet and big data will play a positive role in promoting the development of the entire healthcare industry." Ding Hongxia, co-founder and CEO of Yaodu Jingwei Information Technology (Beijing) Co., Ltd. believes that the drug data owned by Yaodu.com covers the chemical drugs and biological drugs under research and market worldwide. Both the breadth and depth of data have entered the world's first echelon, which can not only provide industry data for the development of pharmaceutical companies, but also provide a reference for government investment. According to Ding Hongxia, this time when he came to TBNA, Yaodu.com also had cooperation talks with the Eco-city. We are looking forward to achieving comprehensive cooperation with the Eco-city and even the Binhai New Area to promote regional industrial upgrading.

Local companies in TBNA have also begun to apply cutting-edge technologies in their development and look forward to gaining market opportunities. Tianjin Huiyigu Technology Co., Ltd. has continuously superimposed new intelligent technologies in the context of healthcare to achieve product breakthroughs. According to company founder Dong Yushu, based on standardized research, collection, and analysis of "observation, smelling, asking and feeling pulses", the intelligent robot built by Huiyigu can collect the patient's pulse information by using the device's sensing probe, so that it can be clear at the first pulse analysis report. The patient can spit out his tongue at the camera and get a TCM diagnosis and advice from the machine within seconds.